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Turning Rain into Rainbows: Making the Most of a Rainy Wedding Day

As much as you plan, prepare, or pay, you have no control over the weather on the day of your wedding. If you find yourself faced with a rainy day wedding, stay calm. You have no need to despair, cry, or fear. You can turn your rain into rainbows by making the most of a rain of your wedding day!

1. Prepare for the worst

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If rain is in the forecast, prepare for the worst. Keep praying and hoping for the best, but don’t allow your optimism to make you lose sight of reality. Look into the forecast to determine at what point in your wedding day festivities the downpour is predicted to begin. Take note of the type of storm set to occur, whether it includes thunder, lightening, rain, hail, high winds, or more. Reserve an indoor venue, tent, or canopies depending on the intensity of the storm.

2. Mentally brace yourself

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After you make the necessary arrangements to keep you and your guests dry and safe on your wedding, prepare mentally. It is not the end of the world if it storms on your wedding day, not even close. Even if rain wedding day may not be your first preference, it will make your day unique and memorable for both you and your guests. Plan on having a rainy wedding day so that you are not surprised if that event takes place. Come to terms with that reality so that you are not a wreck on your big day. Don’t allow yourself to become discouraged. Remind yourself that as long as you walk away married to the man of your dreams, your wedding was a success.

3. Trust your vendors

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You have hired professionals. You are paying them like professionals. Trust that they can do their job, no matter the conditions! If you are worried, feel free to get in touch with your vendors to tell them about the specific conditions for your day. It is appropriate and even considerate to give the caterers, photographers, officiant, and others a heads up about the rainy day plan. But resist the temptation to tell them what to do.

4. Embrace the rain

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Rainy day weddings can be a blast if you take full advantage of all this weather has to offer. Send a memo out to guests asking them to wear rain boots. Break out the most unique and colorful umbrellas. Create a rainy day playlist with songs like “Singing in the Rain” and “Let it Rain.” Set up a slip-and-slide. Hold the dance party in the downpour. Set up a hot beverage station along with towels and a bonfire for guests to dry off. With a little imagination, your rainy day wedding will be the party of the year!

5. It’s a photo opportunity

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Take romantic pictures as man and wife among the picturesque drops. While you shouldn’t tell your photographers how to do their job, they will appreciate if you have some ideas about what type of pictures you would like to take. Use umbrellas as props for all they are worth. Jump into puddles with your special wedding day rain boots. Dance, kiss, and embrace in the rain. Poses that are boring  on a sunny day become beautiful on a rainy one.

5. Remember the rainbow

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Rainbows are the beautiful result of storms. They can only take place after rain. They are the promise you can excitedly anticipate as you work through this unwanted event. If the rain is expected to finish during the day, save some of your pictures for that time. Make sure a trusted friend or family member is keeping a lookout. When the rainbow starts to peak through the clouds, make an announcement and have everyone pause and take a look.

Do you feel a little less stressed out by the possibility of rain on your wedding day? Rainy wedding days can be fantastic as long as you make the necessary preparations and take full advantage of all the benefits rain has to offer. Enjoy your wedding day, no matter if it rains or not!

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