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Re-Marrying the Love of Your Life: The Things You Need To Know About A Vow Renewal

Every morning you wake up next to the person that you love; often times you get busy with work and life, but that doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten the love you have for each other. Renewing your vows is a way of honoring and celebrating your marriage, while it’s not required to renew your vows, what better way to show your loved ones and yourself that you are still madly in love with each other? A vow renewal can take place a day, a week, a month, or  years later. But where to you begin the process to renew your vows?


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Just like a wedding, you make all the plans for your big day! Depending on how long you’ve waited to renew your vows, you may not remember all the ins and the outs! You need a venue, a caterer, a DJ, a photographer, and all the fixings! Don’t forget your outfits!!! Make a list of all the things thing you’ll need. Discuss with your spouse how big you would like your renewal ceremony to be.

Get Your Ducks In A Row

Who do you want to officiate? Who do you want to walk you down the aisle? Do you want to have an aisle? How big? Your renewal ceremony doesn’t have to be ginormous and grand like a wedding; Or maybe this is your ginormous and grand wedding that you never had before! How do you want your day to pan out? Think of what you want you and your spouse to wear and the theme you may want to execute.


Book all that needs booking, the caterer, the DJ, the Photographer and anything else that needs booked. Start buying (or making) your decorations, have them ready to go for your big day. Get your outfits and make sure that they are ready to go. Just think, if you do this at your home, you don’t have to book at venue!

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I am sure you remember with your first wedding that you had to obtain a marriage license, to obtain that license you have to answer a bunch of questions about your family and yourself and in some states you have a holding period of when you can actually get married. But with your renewal, since it’s technically not a legally binding ceremony you don’t need a special license. Saves you a step and gives you a little more time to plan!


Because a vow renewal isn’t legally binding, you can have anyone officiate. For a more fun ceremony, you could have your parents or your children officiate. For a more serious ceremony, have your pastor or head of your church officiate. This may not be a legally binding ceremony but this ceremony will probably be more real than your original wedding. If you have a friend or family member officiating, you may need to write out a plan for how you want the ceremony to go.

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Strength in Numbers

How many do you invite to this shindig? Definitely invite those that mean a lot to you that weren’t able to be there at your original ceremony… Your kids! If you have them, of course. Inviting those that originally stood up for you may be fun too! This could be a great way to catch up while celebrating your love for each other. Invite those that mean the most to you both.


Pick a place that means a lot to your both. If it’s in your living room, the heart of your home, perfect! If it’s in the church where you originally spoke your vows, amazing! If you are going to pick a venue that is usually pretty busy, make sure you have enough time to book. Make sure they accept outside vendors, such as the caterer. Make sure it suits you both, wherever you choose to go!

Just know, you’ll definitely be less stressed this time around, you’ll know what to expect, and you won’t be all jittery. Wherever you choose to renew your vows, whatever you are wearing, whomever is there to watch, do it with love. Renew your vows with the same love and passion you had before.

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