Rite Aid Wellness + Plenti Card Review

Rite Aid

Rite Aid Wellness + Plenti Card

With a Rite Aid Plenti Card, you can earn points in a number of different ways.  They all end up in the same bank of points for you to spend at eligible locations.  Some of the places you can earn include AT&T cell service, participating supermarkets, Mobil and Exxon station, Macy's, Rite Aid, and more.  Plenti points are worth at least 1 cent each. So 1,000 Plenti points will get you at least $10 worth of rewards at a Plenti merchant.


  •  Free to join
  •  Points can add up to savings


  • You may spend more money in order to accumulate points

What Other People Are Saying

Rite Aid

"Even if you don’t go crazy with double and triple dipping, you can save considerable amounts of money by using the Plenti card at places you already shop. If you haven’t gotten in on the Plenti bandwagon, then sign up now and have one more way to save money in your back pocket."

"Another way to automate Plenti points is to tie Plenti to your grocery store rewards program. Once they’re linked, you’ll be eligible to participate in Plenti’s 'household offers' which gives bonus Plenti points when you buy certain products at the grocery store. You’ll still have to manually activate the offers online before you shop, but when you checkout, you can use your usual grocery store rewards card and the Plenti points will automatically be added."

Cost and Process to Join

Rite Aid

Registering for a Plenti Card is free, fast, and easy.  You can join by either going to a store and filling out the paperwork to get a card there, or applying online.  To apply for a Plenti Card, click here.  The process is simple and should only take a few minutes of your time.

Customer Service

Rite Aid will have staff at their stores that should be more than happy to help you with your Plenti points. Of course, each store and staff will be different.  You can also go online to the Rite Aid Site and go to the "contact us" section.  

My Conclusion 

If you already are a frequent shopper at Rite Aid and use their rewards program already, then you should definitely register for Plenti and get even more savings. The Rite Aid points can add up quickly and save you a lot of money.  As with any rewards program, make sure you are truly being rewarded and not spending more on purpose simply to get more points. Be wise in how you accumulate your points and you should come out saving money. I hope that this card to help to save you money this month!

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