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The Car Ride Of A Life Time: A Road Trip Honeymoon!

To the adventurous folks! Those traditional honeymoons are fun and great but what about the alternative options. Imagine going on a honeymoon with your new spouse and traveling the world! Adventuring into new places and learning new things! How can you have a road trip honeymoon you ask? With these tips, of course!

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Car Ride and Time

You know you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the car. So how much time is too much time? You don’t want to get half way through your trip and thinking that you can’t take anymore of the car ride. Be sure when you map out your route, you know an approximate guess on how long your trip will be.

Be sure you’re not short on time! You don’t want to gyp yourselves of a fun time because you are short on time. Being short on time can not only lead you to rush, but it can be unsafe to you. That’s why planning your trip out would be the best option for you both!

Make Sure Your Car Can Handle It

The question of not only can you handle the car ride, but can your car? Is your car up to date on inspection? Are your tires good with tread? What about your brakes and rotors? Make sure your fluids are good (I.e. your oil, windshield washer fluid, the coolant, anti-freeze, etc.). You can have your mechanic check your car over by scheduling a maintenance check up before you go!

Set A Budget

Set a budget. A legit budget. Think about what you want to do on your road trip and think about the types of adventures you want to have. Plan each adventure out and budget out the money for each adventure. This will not only help you stay on budget, but it will also help you know how much you have left of your budget to spend.

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Figure Out A Destination

Where do you want to go? Thinking of your destination is big. Do you want to go somewhere well known or some small town in the middle of no-where? Do you want to have multiple places to stop on your trip? Or just one big destination?

When you get to your destination, be sure you have a place to stay! Time it out so that you get to your destination that will correlate to your travels.


Do your research! You’re traveling to new territory. Be sure to research your destination(s). Know where exactly you’re going, what is around,  things to do where you’re staying. This will help you figure out what you want to do with your time while you’re there.

Research your car mileage so that you can figure out how often you will have to stop. Each time you stop, be sure to use the bathroom even if you don’t have to.

Set up snack stops too! Time for you to get out and stretch your legs and gain some energy back!

If you will have to stop driving for the night, be sure to have your places to stay mapped out and reservations made, this will save you the hassle while you’re on your fun trip!


If you car doesn’t see that it will be reliable, renting a car may be the best option for you. Often times you can get deals on a car and hotel too! And who says you have to keep the car that you rented to begin with. You could rent a different car each day if you wanted just for fun!

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Be sure to have a way to document your travels! Use a journal to record all the fun things that you did, write the prices of what you paid for everything, where and when you stopped. Use a camera to document the things that are better captured in photograph. However you decide to document, make it good!


A road trip honeymoon would be such a blast not only for you and your spouse, but it is a great story to tell you children and grandchildren. A story that says you didn’t go to the most popular destination for your honeymoon, but it says that you explored the world with the person that you love. Happy planning!

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