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Road trips Ideas That Will Make You Rethink a Tropical Honeymoon

Looking for a different, cheaper way to have an awesome honeymoon? A road trip may just be the type of honeymoon you need that will quench your wanderlust thirst and save you money. When deciding where to go on your road trip you have to keep you starting point and your ending point in mind. These two spots will be vital points that will determine what route your trip will be revolved around. Here are some fun road trip ideas that can make your honeymoon just as fun and adventurous as an overseas one would have been, if not more.

The Classic East Coast Route

East Coast Road Trip Map

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This East Coast Road trip starts in Montreal, Canada and ends in Miami, Florida. You can alter the start and ending points as much as you want to create a road trip that best suits you and your new husband. When preparing for this fun east coast honeymoon, be sure to find places along the ride to stay at and find fun pit stops that will make for great photos. These places will prevent your trip from taking a turn for the worst, literally.  While going down the East coast you can hit places like Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Nashville, and  Orlando. This road trip can be catered to you and your husband and your interests so make the most of it!



A Canadian Road Trip, Eh?

Canada is such a beautiful country to visit with lots of gorgeous scenery and landscapes. A Canadian Road Trip can consist of however much driving you want to do, this can consist of traveling the entire U.S.-Canadian border or it can simply be driving from Quebec to Montreal. This road trip will not disappoint, especially with the many national parks that can be found in Canada. This is the route to go if you and your fiancé are not a fan of crowded cities and are more into the natural, woodsy atmosphere of rural areas.


National Park Long Haul

national park map


The map to the left shows 47 National Parks that are in the United States. Taking a road trip to even hit 5 of these would make for a great road trip would be a fun time, but if you feel like you have the time to do more then go for it! What is cool about this road trip option is that you can alter the trip to include the stops that you and your new spouse want to see. Some of these national parks that you can choose to visit include Yosemite National Park, Glacier National Park, and Yellowstone. So pack plenty of water and hiking shoes when preparing for this awesome honeymoon road trip!

Trip by Route

By keeping just to one route during a road trip, you will not only be able to not have to pay attention to many turns, but you will also be able to stop by a variety of famous road stops. You can have the freedom to venture off of the main route or just stay on that road only. Some of example of routes that you can rake are Route 20, Route 2, Route 6, and Route 66. These highways will take you across the United States and will make for a great road trip full of sightseeing, singing to your favorite songs, and talking about your future together without having to wonder if you missed your exit or made a wrong turn.


Whether you and your new spouse plan on having a honeymoon through the countryside and getting lost or one that is simple with you guys sticking to one or two major roads, you will be sure to have a ton of fun exploring with your husband across the country. Deviate from the stereotypical overseas honeymoon by being adventurous with a road trip honeymoon!

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