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11 Safety Tips To Keep In Mind When Going On That First Online Date

Online dating may seem like the safest and perfect place to meet people from the comfort of your own computer.  I mean, what could be easier, then checking out all that you need to know about a person before you arrange for the first face to face date.  But things quickly change when it is time for that first meeting.  Usually, you will have no common friends or family members to vouch for the person.  Safety should be the priority on any first date, especially if it is someone that you met online.  I’m going to go over some safety tips for that first meeting in today’s article.

Go Out In Public

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On your first date with a person that you met online, go to a public place.  Restaurants, bookstores, and coffee shops are all good places to go.  Make sure that the location is at a place where there will be lots of people.  Don’t go hiking alone with him, don’t go to a park where no one will be, and never go to your date’s house alone.  Also don’t invite him to your house for the first date.

Share Your Location With Friends

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Before you go to the location of the date, share the location with friends or family.  You may want to even tell a few friends, in case one friend is not available.  Make sure that your friends know where the place is, and make sure that you have your friend’s contact information.  As soon as the date is over, remember to tell your friends that you got back home safely.

Drive Yourself To The Date and Back

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On your first date, it is always good not to have to depend on your date to take you home.  That way, you can leave at any time you want, and you won’t have to be alone with him in the car.  You also won’t have to worry about your date not being a good driver.  Even if you take a taxi, you should not have your date drive you to the location and back.

Have Friends Come With You

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For your first date, you may want to take some friends with you on your date.  Not only will you be safer with friends around, but they can also tell you what they think about him.  Have it be a fun group activity, such as bowling or everyone meeting for lunch.

Meet During the Daytime

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Going on a first date with a guy you never met in the dark is not a good idea.  If it will be dark out, make sure that the place you are going to is a public place, and that some friends know where you are.  Never meet late in the night.

Look Him Up On the Internet

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Before going on your date, make sure that you know a little bit more about him.  If he has a Facebook page, then look him up.  If it doesn’t say anything about him or if you are getting a bad vibe off what he posts online, then it is better not to go on the date.

Trust Your Instincts

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If you are not feeling ok with something that is taking place or about to take place on the date, don’t do it. It may be as simple as you are walking through a park and headed towards a secluded area.  It’s better to have an awkward moment and say you aren’t comfortable with something than to be sorry later.

Keep the Date Short

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For this first date, don’t stay up late into the night with him.  Keep your date brief, and use your time to ask him questions about himself.  Try going somewhere that is a quick meeting place, such as a restaurant.  Restaurants are a good meeting place, since the date is over as soon as you are done eating.  That way, you can leave without feeling guilty about leaving too soon.

Make Sure to Have a Charged Phone

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Make sure that your phone is with you, and that it is charged up.  That way, if you feel the need to call a friend, you can easily do it.  Keep your phone in a place that you can easily reach it, such as at the top of your purse or in your pocket.

No Alcohol

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Make sure that the place that you are going to won’t be serving alcohol.  If your date has the opportunity to get alcohol, it could change things up very quickly.  If your date drinks too much alcohol, he could start to come on to you too strongly.  If you drink too much alcohol, you may start to lose some common sense and become too vulnerable.

Carry Pepper Spray With You

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In case your date doesn’t go so well, you should have something to defend yourself with if needed.  Pepper spray is a good option.  Keep it in a place where your date won’t notice it, such as your purse.

Final Thoughts

When you are about to go on your first date with someone that you met online, it’s good to be extra cautious.  I’ve gone over some safety tips that you may want to practice when you go on that first date.  Try to always lean on the side of caution.  If this date materializes into a relationship, there will be lots of time later on in future dates, to trust the person.  Have fun but be wise!

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