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10 Crazy Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Big Day!

Weddings cost quite a hunk of cash. It’s an undeniable fact. It is going to take your money away.

No matter how many DIY projects you adopt or revisions (reductions) to the guest list you make, you need a substantial amount of money to hold any wedding, much less the wedding of your dreams!

Thankfully, there are some alternatives that will not only save you money, but save your dream of what your wedding can be. Some may call them wedding hacks. Others may call them shortcuts. We call them crazy smart.

1. Ask a friend to get ordained. As long as that friend is older than 18 years of age, he is she can gain the legal authority to perform your wedding ceremony. No ministerial background or set of religious beliefs is required. They can even take a course online for free (and then your friend can perform your wedding for free)!

2. Don’t use the “w” word. As soon as the word “wedding” comes out of your mouth, all hope of getting a reasonable price is out the window. While shopping around for venues, cakes, caterers, and other vendors, simply ask about their rates for an event you are holding at a certain date. Do not lie or be deceitful, but use the “w” word as sparingly as possible.

3. Stock the bar personally. If alcohol at your wedding is a must, stock the bar yourself. Avoid an open bar manned by a professional barista by all means. Set a budget, buy the beverages you like, and when it runs out, it runs out.

4. Recognize vendors for reduced rates. Talk to your wedding vendors to see if they would be willing to reduce their rate in exchange for a little advertising. Include a list of the vendors and their contact information in your wedding programs, in favor boxes, or on slips of paper.

5. Find musicians at local universities. Contact universities near your ceremony and reception venues to see if any music students would be willing to provide live music. Fledging vocal or instrumental talents are usually looking for exposure, and might be willing to set the soundtrack to your wedding for free.

6. Make two cakes. Go ahead, treat yourself to the traditional tiered wedding cake. But go small scale on that cake — only include two or three tiers and make those tiers small in diameter and width. Set aside a pre-sliced sheet cake or cupcakes that can be served to all your guests after you cut your more traditional cake.

7. Book a food truck. Giving your guests options for the meal is usually prohibitively expensive. While providing your guests with the option of three meats, five side dishes, and ten desserts would be unreasonable under normal circumstances, food trucks completely revolutionize wedding meals. Set up an original agreement with the owner of the truck for a more financially accommodating, yet unique option.

8. Look for rings at antique stores. Head to an antique store, pawn shop, or flea market for one-of-a-kind rings that won’t break the budget. The rings will be high quality but not necessarily high priced.

9. Choose a date in the off-season. The months between April and September are prime wedding season. Also, Friday evenings and Saturdays are the most popular days of the week. Set your wedding for a month and day of the week that strays from the traditional options for not only more options, but cheaper rates.

10. Invest in the future. Your wedding is just one day, a couple hours in fact. Invest your treasured wedding budget in details that will continue to be useful after your big day. Decorate with twinkle lights that you can reuse for your first Christmas as a married couple. Buy a set of dishes and silverware for the sweetheart table that you can continue to use in your early years of marriage. Purchase a quality pair of shoes that you can wear as a guest to all your friends’ weddings.


Simply by adopting these ten wedding hacks, you can save yourself loads of money. These tips will not force you to sacrifice anything on your big day. They are just crazy smart and it’s as simple as that!

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