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9 Save the Date Signs for 9 Types of Brides


This is the likely result of the emotionally thrilling moment that is your engagement. Getting the words “yes” out of your mouth at the sight of your man down on one knee presents a near impossible task. You’ve waited for this moment your whole life and even if you were expecting it to come, sometimes it takes a while to sink in that YOU ARE ENGAGED!

Thankfully, your momentary speech impediment need not be a problem when it comes to announcing your engagement. As you ask guests to ‘save the date,’ you do not need to come up with your own carefully constructed set of words. You can rely on save the date signs to do all the talking for you!

Look below for nine beautiful save the date signs, related to different bridal personalities but perfect for any speechless bride.

1. Sweet and Smiley

Ever since you got engaged, a smile has not left your face. Everyone who comes in contact with you walks away with a more positive outlook on life and love. You are a firm believer that as long as you walk away married to the man of your dreams, your wedding day was a success. While you are not overly worried about tiny details such as save the dates, you still appreciate when aspects of your wedding reflect your style and personality. This save the date sign does exactly that, with a soft and youthful font that radiates sweetness.

save the date signs

2. Sophisticated

You have always strived to live a life of dignity and grace. You treasure your reputation and always seek to make good impressions among peers, colleagues, friends, and acquaintances. This goal is not one of pride, but one which stems from a desire to life live well and be the best version of yourself. For your wedding, this life aim translates into a sophisticated style involving neutral colors, smooth lines, and romance — much like this save the date sign!

save the date signs

3. Dog’s Best Friend

Dogs are commonly referred to as ‘man’s best friend,’ but you seriously challenge that standard. As much as your dog loves you, you are even more in love with him. Dogs have always been a part of your life. You begged for one as a child. You adopted your own after entering adulthood. You may have even brought your dog to your first date with the man you are about to marry. It is only fitting that your dog participates in your save the dates, and your wedding as a whole. And a sign like this will only complement the cuteness of your furry friend.

save the date signs

4. Logical Lover

As soon as your man slid the ring on your finger, you immediately began wedding planning. You crunched the numbers and determined a workable budget. You calculated the exact number of guests you would be able to invite and created a schedule of when to send out save the dates, invitations, and every other aspect of the wedding planning process. When you think of your big day, you think of numbers — the address of the venue, the price of the dress, the time of the ceremony. But you are no less enthralled by the thought of marrying your best friend.

save the date signs

5. Ready to Roll

Yes, you are excited for your big day. It will be a fun occasion to see family and friends, to eat good food, and to make some memories. But you are most excited about life after the wedding. You are ready to become a Mrs., to start life as husband and wife with the man of your dreams. Therefore, aspects such as save the dates in themselves are not all that exciting to you. But you don’t mind them — especially with the aid of signs like these — as you know they get you one step closer to your ultimate goal.

save the date signs

6. Loud and Proud

You’re in love and you don’t care who knows it! Your joyful anticipation of your big day overflows onto every person you come in contact with. Somehow, no matter the subject, you can always work weddings into the conversation. Therefore, your save the dates are less of an engagement announcement and more of a reminder for guests to mark their calendars. A small sign just wouldn’t do for a loud and proud bride such as yourself, but a save the date banner will more than suffice.

save the date signs

7. Minimalist

Frugality is your middle name. You make a game out of seeing how far you can stretch your budget. You cut coupons, coast up to stop signs in your car, and wrap gifts in old newspaper. As a bride, your frugality transitions into a minimalist style that is simple yet effortlessly beautiful. This functional yet romantic design fits perfectly into that trend.

save the date signs

8. Rustic Rose

Maybe you grew up in the country. Maybe your man loves to hunt. Maybe you just love the aesthetic of antlers. No matter the reason for your elegantly rustic tastes, a sign such as this one can reflect your personality in beautiful fashion.

save the date signs

9. Free Spirit

You don’t like to be defined by traditional expectations of what a bride should be, look like, or do. You are the bride who researches common wedding traditions just so that you can do the exact opposite. You were tempted not even to send out save the dates, but figured you have to in order for your loved ones to know about and attend your wedding. As you reluctantly plan your save the dates, this sign will allow you to do it in your own unique way.

save the date signs


Suffering from speechlessness after getting engaged? No worries! Who would want to talk anyway when these signs can do the job for you? Determine your bridal personality, see if the associated save the date sign fits your tastes, and take the step to purchase one to announce your engagement and wedding!

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