Say I Do With A Beautiful Fingerprint Ring

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There are a variety of ways to tell your significant other how much you love him or her. And over the past couple of years, the concept of engagement and wedding rings have changed in style and design. From rings with diamonds that are ethically sourced to permanent tattoo rings, your options are plenty. One of the latest trending wedding ring designs this year has been the fingerprint ring. Fingerprint rings have started to make their mark on the wedding ring industry and we are definitely intrigued. Here is your wedding ring guide about everything you need to know in terms of fingerprint wedding rings.

What Is a Fingerprint Ring?

A fingerprint ring is literally what it says it is. Imagine your typical wedding band, yet engraved with a portion of your fingertip on it. These personalized fingerprint rings bring on a whole new meaning to the word “personalized jewelry”. Fingerprint rings can be designed for men and women and are meant to take the place of the wedding band in general. For some couples, a fingerprint ring can even replace the wedding ring entirely.

Not only can you engrave your fingerprint ring with your actual fingerprint, but there are other personalization options. For example, on the inside of the ring, you can also add an additional engraving such as a little message or name.

Are They Expensive?

So anything personalized might sound like it will cost big bucks. Surprisingly though, a fingerprint ring costs half and sometimes even a quarter of what a diamond ring or traditional ring would cost. There are many retailers you can go to that will help customize and design your fingerprint ring. If you are looking to plan a wedding on a budget but still have something sweet and personalized, then a fingerprint ring might be something you might want to consider.

Most fingerprint rings start at the lower $300 range and can go all the way up to $2000. But of course, it all depends on the type of metal you use as well as any other type of personalization you add to your fingerprint ring.

How Do They Get Your Fingerprint on a Ring?

The answer is simple. Advancements in technology have taken on a whole new meaning when it comes to the jewelry industry. You simply offer up a sample of your fingerprint, and then whichever retail or you go to will engrave your metal via laser engraving. This way, you will have your fingerprint beautifully displayed in the ring. Now because a wedding ring the is typically a small piece of jewelry there is a hitch. Customers can expect that only a portion of their fingerprint will be displayed on the ring.

The Downsides of a Fingertip Ring

One of the major downside with the fingerprint ring really falls down to aesthetics. Because the goal is to get your fingerprint on a piece of jewelry, the ring that you choose will typically be a little wider than most wedding rings. Not only that, but the look of a fingerprint is something that’s a little different than really anything we have seen in the jewelry world for a while. Finally, if you do not use the right finishing,  your ring might turn out looking a little strange. For example, silver fingerprint rings tend to look like a ring that just have a fingerprint smudge on it. To the untrained eye, this might not be appealing.

The Upsides of a Fingerprint Ring

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