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Say Shucks to the Tux

A wedding is the celebration of two people coming together as one. The bride often gets much of the attention on this momentous day, but both individuals should be honored as they take this serious step in their relationship. While brides spend a great deal of time and effort to look their best on their wedding day, the groom needs to look presentable, as well. Even if the groom himself could care less about his attire, he owes it to his betrothed to at least complement her in color, style, and sophistication. Many brides would be more than happy to assist their love, but they have enough on their plate planning for the big day. For the style-challenged groom, use these guidelines to find attire that will not only complement your bride, but will have you saying shucks to the tux.

1. Talk to your bride

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While you do not want to rely on your bride to walk you through the process of selecting your wedding day attire, you need to have an idea of what she is wearing in order to be able to complement her look. Do not look at her wedding dress! Simply ask her to describe the color, style, and level of sophistication. You may not expect a slight difference between pure white and ivory to cause any problems when trying to match your bride, but be cautious. If your bride selects off-white and you incorporate pure white into your outfit, you may look more like a last-minute prom couple than two soulmates uniting in matrimony. Also, be aware of the color theme if one exists; this would include the color of the bridesmaids. In regard to style, you do not want to look ready to hit the club if your betrothed look gives off a vintage vibe. The style could be rustic, vintage, beach, 1920s, bohemian, or more. Finally, it is essential that you and your bride are on the same page in regard to the level of sophistication. Some couples strive for a casual wedding while others prefer a glamorous one. Talking to your bride about her thoughts on color, style, and sophistication not only ensures that the two of you will present a united front on your wedding, but also sends your relationship on the trajectory toward open communication.

2. Consider the venue

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In addition to your bride’s look on your big day, you should similarly consider the characteristics of the wedding venue. Is the ceremony in an elaborate church or a remote forest? Will the reception take place in a luxurious ballroom or a backyard lawn? While you should primarily focus on your bride’s input, knowledge about the venues allows you to further refine your wedding look. Take into account if it contains a lot of greenery, wood, water, crystals, and more in its decoration and design. Complementing these aspects of colors does not necessarily mean you copy the same exact hues. Instead, select colors which look appropriate but do not make you blend into your surroundings. Look below for more assistance on choosing complementary colors.

3. Know what you’re looking for

After taking both your bride and venues into consideration, decide what you want to look like on your wedding day. You do not want to arrive in a store with no idea of what you want. Many men struggle with shopping, and you can quickly become overwhelmed and frustrated if you do not plan before even heading to the store.


First, make a firm decision on color. While you can determine more specific shades and patterns at the store, you should know the general colors you want to incorporate in your look. Go into the store with two colors: a base and a colorful one. The base color is typically the neutral one that will shade your pants, jacket, and probably shoes. The colorful one will be incorporated in your shirt, tie, and perhaps boutonnière.

For the base color, a natural location or off-white dress calls for shades of grays and browns, typically of a muted or matte tone. More modern and sophisticated styles are complemented well by stark black and white, and can contain a glossy tint if you so desire. For more specific colors, refer to the bridal party’s attire and the venue. Incorporate colors on the opposite side of the color wheel and create variation with different tones, tints, and shades. This more specific color should only enhance the base color for a well-rounded look.

Actual Attire

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After you have your colors in mind, you must make decisions about the specific elements of your wedding look. Do you want a suit or tuxedo? Are you more of a tie or a bowtie person? Were you even planning to wear a jacket? The answers to these questions are mainly dependent upon personal taste. But only allow personal taste to control so much. As always, you final choice should complement your bride and venue, even at the cost of your personal preference. A wedding is special and your attire should reveal that you take the occasion seriously. But with that disclaimer, be creative and have fun making these decisions!

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Selecting what shoes to wear on your big day should be the last element to consider when planning your groom attire. All the groundwork of your look has been laid by the other aspects — the color, the tie/bowtie, the suit/tuxedo — only needing to be completed by your footwear. As the shoes are an element of least focus, you can have fun selecting a pair which reflects your personality. With that being said, stay within reason and respect your bride’s wishes.

4. Go shopping

Congratulations! All the hard work is done! Once you have done the detective work necessary to plan out your wedding look, you need only to venture to the store and try on options. Actually trying clothes on will help you to determine specific shades, fit, and styles. Stick with your original plan and don’t allow yourself to be swayed by the outfits on display or the recommendations of the consultants. Say shucks to the tux and you are one step closer to uniting with your love in matrimony!

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