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Wedding Etiquette You Must Know If It is Your Second Time Around!

There is always room in life to grow, expand, make mistakes, and change. To learn we must make mistakes and learn lessons. It is the same in the wedding world. Sometimes the first wedding is just the practice wedding and not the actual “go through life” wedding. So what are the do and do not’s for second time brides? What is the etiquette for a second wedding?

The Experience

Even if this is the second wedding, you do not have to feel badly about having the “wedding” experience. You can still have the bridal shower and the bachelorette party! It may not be as wild (or maybe it will be more wild…) as the first.

Although the “experience” has a lot of parts, you can skip the rehearsal dinner. Doing the rehearsal is ok, but the actual dinner isn’t actually necessary.

White… Well, many think that white means purity and uh… seeing as this is your second wedding, we know that you may not be… Pure. But, in fact, white symbolizes joy, not purity. So if you want to wear white on your big day… Go for it! Heck, if you want to wear pink, you can wear pink!

The Invitation

The invitation and the save the dates are the opener to your big day. Make your guests aware of the tone of your wedding. If you want it to be a funny play on words, show your guests that you are a fun, loving couple! If you want your event to be more of a formal event, be sure to have an invitation that portrays that.

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Who Will Walk You Down The Aisle?

Have kids? Ask them to walk you down the aisle! Or if you wish to create your own traditions, take that walk by yourself (your hubby is waiting for you at the end!). This is your big day, who says you have to follow all the wedding traditions? This is your wedding, you can do whatever you want to with it!

The Do’s

Everything that you must do for your big day, no matter what! After all, it is your big day!!

Treat this day as if it were your first.

You can register for gifts, even if you don’t need them!

Include your children!

Be excited!!!

The Do Not’s!

The absolute “do not’s” for your big day that you must never even think of doing!

Do not compare you first wedding to your second.

Don’t wear the same dress, use the same rings, or marry in the same location (no matter how much you like it!)…

Do not invite your ex.

And lastly, do not speak ill of your former spouse!

Getting married for a second time just shows the love that you have in your life. The first may not have worked out, but maybe they just weren’t the person for you in your life for that time. You may remain friends or you may not want anything to do with each other. You are at the point in your life where you can love the person of your dreams and be thankful that you have found them! It’s never too late! Happy planning!

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