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Sentimental “Something Borrowed” Items for Your Wedding Day

Any one of these sentimental “something borrowed” items for your wedding day is sure to give your ceremony or reception a personal touch. Each choice fulfills the requirement, in a truly special and unique way. Plus, you literally get to hold onto a piece of someone you love dearly, as you begin life with your soul mate.

A Robe to Wear on Your Wedding Day

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Start the day off on the right foot with a borrowed robe to keep you comfortable as you get ready for the biggest moment of your life. It could be the satin white robe of your mother’s that you always played bridal dress up in as a child. The fuzzy pink terrycloth robe your grandma wore and was always so soft against your cheek. Even your soon-to-be husband’s robe that still faintly smells like his aftershave, bourbon, and cigars. Wrap yourself in memories that make you feel secure, loved, and happy. You don’t have to stop at just the robe, either. Think about other ways to feel pampered and warm. Maybe make a theme out of it, get your bridesmaids robes as their helping gift, so you all have something special to wear the morning of. Remember, it will be harder to get cold feet if you borrow the matching slippers, as well.

Borrow Your Parents and Grandparents Wedding Rings and Tie Them to Your Bouquet

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A perfect reflection of couples you admire, use their wedding rings in your bouquet. You could hide them in the flowers if you want a treasured secret for only you and the lenders to know. You could also attach them with gold or silver chains,  on your wedding scheme, to add visual sparkle to the flower arrangement. Just make sure to take them off to return to your loved ones, before you perform the traditional bridal bouquet toss. Otherwise, the catcher will have more than just the hope of being the next one hitched, she’ll have her choice of rings, as well.

Use Your Father or Grandfathers Favorite Tie to Wrap Around the Bottom of Your Bouquet

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For a bolder addition to your bridal bouquet, borrow a favorite tie from a man you love. This especially works if he owns one that coordinates with your wedding colors or theme, such as a flannel patterned tie for a country wedding. Continue the sentiment into your reception by borrowing one of his favorite hats to pass around and collect money in for the dollar dance.

Your Vows

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If you have a set of vows you absolutely fell in love with when you heard them, borrow them for your wedding day. If you are acquiring them from a friend or family members previous ceremony, however, make sure to let them know before they hear you repeat them to your betrothed. Change up parts that do not exactly fit your love story, of course, but there is nothing wrong with keeping the general meaning in place. After all, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

If they are vows you have read in a book or somewhere else of some significance to you, there is no need to make a big deal out of you not writing them yourself. Many couples use traditional vows that others have used for generations. No one will fault you for repeating the beautiful words of a favorite writer. Unless your wedding program is going to be published in a newspaper or magazine, with the vows intact upon it. Or the author of the words is a relative who cannot bear always being the bridesmaid but never the bride. Then, by all means, cite your source to avoid any misunderstandings or sudden outbursts during “If anyone objects” phase of the ceremony.

You First Dance Song

Another sentimental “something borrowed” item for your wedding day, your first dance as a married couple should be one that has great significance in your life. If you do not have an “our song” it is no reason to panic and cancel the DJ or band altogether. (Though alternate forms of entertainment, such as a magician who saws the new mother-in-law in half or makes the judgmental aunt disappear, are starting to gain in popularity among young newlyweds.)

Simply borrow a song from something that has great meaning in your memories. This could be the first song your parents danced to after they exchanged vows, or one you heard was played at one of your favorite celebrity’s fairy tale wedding. Borrowing something from someone famous may not make you a star, but it sure can be fun to pretend you are on the dance floor with your life partner. Other options include listening to soundtracks from the most romantic movies you can think of and choosing the one that gives you the most goosebumps.

Grandmothers Vintage Dishes as Wedding Decor

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Borrow your grandmother’s vintage dishes for a decorative element at your wedding. Though she may not want you to let guests use them to eat off of or drink out of, they can become major elements in the decor scheme. For example, plates can be used as the foundation for floral arrangements or other centerpieces. Hang the teacups up along a shelf above the head table if you are going to serve afternoon tea at your reception. Place water in bowls along serving tables to set floating candles in. Using the dishes she used during her earlier married years adds a special romantic touch to any theme.

The Dress

One of the most sentimental items you can borrow to wear while you exchange vows is the bridal dress itself. A time-honored tradition among many families is to pass down a wedding dress that was worn for generations of women when they got married. Even if small adjustments need to be made, keep as much of the original form as possible, to borrow to your daughter or granddaughter when she meets the love of her life. Other options include borrowing a favorite dress out of your older and richer sister’s closet that she would never let you wear otherwise, or a beloved dress your best friend owns. Whether your dress is your something new or old, borrowed or bought, it is one of the most memorable decisions you will make when planning your wedding.

All of these sentimental “something borrowed” items for your wedding day are meant to inspire you to make your ceremony and reception something special and unique to you. Never forget, all is fair in love and wedding planning.

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