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Sephora Beauty Insiders Review

With Sephora Beauty Insiders, for each dollar spent, you earn 1 point that can be redeemed for free products or exclusive trips.  There is no cost to be a Beauty Insider, but VIP members must spend at least $350 per calendar year to stay active. Rouge members are required to spend $1,000 or more each year. Note that there has been a recent change to their rewards program that happened to upset a lot of people. Starting on July 10, 2017, card members started having only 18 months to make a purchase, claim their free birthday gift, and/or cash in their points before they expire for good.


  •  No cost to be a Beauty Insider
  •  You can earn free points for products
  • You can earn free points for trips


  • VIP Members must spend at least $350 per calendar year
  • Rouge Members must spend at least $1,000 per year
  • Only have 18 months to make a purchase, claim birthday gift, and cash points in

What Other People Are Saying

Sephora  Beauty Insiders

"Sephora has done an excellent job aligning their rewards with what the brand stands for."

A woman who earned a trip with her points said, "This trip was definitely worth the points and had I known how fabulous it would be, I would have been willing to spend more points. It was just amazing. I can’t get over how great they made it.”

Some people spend a whole lot at Sephora and are very delighted about the points that they earn.  One Sephora member explains, "Just because it’s 35K points doesn’t mean that someone’s spent $35,000.  They have their events where it’s 3x points or 5x points.  I’d save up and do most of my shopping during that time, so it would accrue more. I don’t know the exact dollar I spent, but I can tell you it’s not $35,000.  When there’s a new palette or a new product that comes out… Some people go buy candy, some people like me just like to buy makeup.”

Cost and Process to Join

Sephora Beauty Insiders

It is free, fast, and easy to join Sephora.  Simply go to their website and look for the section on the Sephora home page that says "Ready to get rewarded?"  Click that and it will take you to the section where you will need to give your name and email.  Then you will need to create a password, tell them your birthday, and decide if you would like their emails sent to you or not.

Customer Service

Sephora Beauty Insiders

The customer service at Sephora is very helpful from what I've read.  If you think about it - why wouldn't they want to be helpful?  They do want people to spend more on their products and to keep coming back for more.  Many people admit they are happily addicted to Sephora products and their rewards program.

My Conclusion 

The Sephora Rewards program makes sense for ladies who wear makeup and don't mind spending more on it than what you may find at the Walmart Cosmetics Aisle.  If you are into the latest trends in makeup and already like Sephora products or maybe want to try a new product, then you might want to give their rewards program a try.  Be careful, though,  that you don't just keep buying more makeup to earn points.  Some women admitted that they buy makeup and even throw it away sometimes just to get the points. Now, that does not make sense. Don't be like them. Have fun with this but play it smart too. Good luck and I hope that this can help to save you money in the future!

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