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Shirts to Wear Before Your Big Day and After

We all are guilty of having a ton of t-shirts that are stashed and jammed in our dresser drawers, theres no questioning that. These days they seem to be given out on every special occasion whether it be at a 5K or a family reunion. So why make your wedding day any different? There are tons of stylish, yet comfy, shirts out there that will help you commemorate your wedding day.

1. Queen Bey

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Want to be like the Queen Bey herself? Give Beyonce a run for her money while sporting this posh shirt before your wedding day. Not only will you get some laughs and chuckles for how clever it is, but you will also look amazing on the days leading up to your wedding.

2. His & Hers


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This t-shirt couple is the perfect pair for you and your partner-to-be to sport around once you have said “I do”. Whether it be straight after the ceremony or when you guys are just lounging around your new pad, these t-shirts will be sure to reflect just how close and compatible you two are.

3. Straight Outta Compton

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This shirt has a don’t-mess-with-me vibe and also a funny vibe that will leave your friends and family rolling on the floor laughing. Whether you will actually be a thug wife or not, this shirt is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Make this shirt your new everyday shirt because of how soft and snug it feels.

4. Classic Wifey

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This classic wifey tee is not only comfy to wear, but it can also be dressed up to create a extremely cute outfit. By simply adding a statement necklace or a cute skirt, this shirt can go from loungewear to a trendy outfit. This is the perfect shirt for a bride who likes pieces that can dressed up and dressed down.

5. The Countdown Bride


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There is a countdown to Christmas, a countdown to your birthday, a countdown to summer, etc., it seems that every important event has a countdown of some sort. So why not your wedding? This shirt displays just how ready you are for your wedding with a cute countdown shirt. This will also help eliminate the ever so famous question “So when is your wedding?”.  This t-shirt matches any outfit and can be paired with any and every pattern in your closet.

6. Future Mrs.


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This preppy, timeless option adds some personalization to your wedding t-shirt. By adding this personalized touch, either through initials or a monogram, you will be able to treasure this shirt for forever as a timeless keepsake that you can continue wearing after your wedding day.

7. Army Proud


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This wife shirt will be sure to display your pride for both your country and your hubby. With this comfy long sleeve tee you will be able to conquer whatever the day brings because you know you have your husband by your side. Be sure to add this to your ever-growing t-shirt collection.

You cannot ever get enough t-shirts. By buying or making one that displays your love for your future or already husband, you will be able to make your wedding day that much sweeter. The shirts listed above will be sure to become your new favorites and will become a staple in your wardrobe. These shirts are sure to be keepers that you can wear any time before and after your big day.

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