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9 Side Jobs To Help You Earn Extra Cash In Your 20s

Making extra money shouldn’t be so hard.

Let’s face it, being in your 20s is not exactly the most financially stable time in your life. You are most likely fresh out of college, with plenty of debt to show for it. When you begin your first job, you will have more money, but most of that money is going to bills, your apartment, food, and hardly anything fun. So how can you earn more money, without doing a ton of work? After you are exhausted from your 9 to 5, how can you possibly have the energy to do anything else? These side jobs might surprise you, and provide you with ways to start raking in some extra money.

Make Money From A Beloved Hobby

Do you love photography or creating artwork? Why not do what you love and get paid for it. If you are a photographer, try to capitalize on taking senior pictures or photographing a wedding every once in a while. Likewise, if you love to create exciting and beautiful artwork; sign up to start your own Etsy shop to sell your products.  Because you like what you are doing, it won’t feel like work to take some time each weekend to do those things. Also, because you are not contracted or hired by someone, you can take breaks as you need them.

Freelance Writing

There are so many websites out there that post jobs for freelance writers. Many of these sites looking for writers might want you to contribute to them every couple of weeks or twice a month. This is also a great way to get your name and work out there if you are looking into writing as a career. Another plus of freelance writing, is that you can pick when you want to do it, and how often you want to do it. If you have a busy week, you simply don’t have to sign up for any freelance jobs.

Seasonal Help

Maybe you were one of those weird people that actually enjoyed working retail or food service. Then why not keep that job on the side? Many retail and food jobs could be willing to work with you to either have you work seasonally or every couple of weeks. For instance, you could work just during the holiday season to earn some extra cash for gifts or work in the summer if you are a teacher. Also, you could get high discounts that would bring your cost of living down even further. Even though you do have to sacrifice your time, it doesn’t hurt to ask if a company would be willing to work with your schedule.

Uber/Lyft Driver

For those of you who want to make a quick buck and have weekends to spare, being an Uber or Lyft driver isn’t the worst thing in the world. People can get paid well, you’ll get tips, and you may even meet some fun people. The best thing is that you can use your own car and play any music you would like. You can also say when you are available, so if you don’t want to work on a particular weekend, you don’t have to.


Now, I am not saying you need to go start nannying on the side. But, be open to babysitting people’s children, especially people you know. Most babysitters get paid money under the table, so you won’t have to worry about taxes being deducted from it. You could even work out a schedule with the family, where you are only available every so often to babysit their kids. And, if you like the family, hanging out with the kids could be a breeze. A breeze that you get paid for.

Sell Your Stuff

I don’t want anyone to start selling their blood or all their possessions, but we all have those items that we don’t use very often. This could be older electronics, clothing, or furniture. So, why not sell it? Amazon and Ebay make it easier than ever to auction off your favorite things for cash. Many people might be looking for something you never use, and you won’t have to do anything yourself to make money. Just make sure that you are getting rid of what you actually can, not just what you need to make ends meet.


Do you have a degree in an area that is taught in most public schools, like English, Chemistry, or History? Time to put it to good use. Many parents will pay you under the table to tutor their struggling child. And, you will be able to make the hours. This could also end up being fun for you if you thoroughly enjoy the subject material.


Do you love all animals? Then sign yourself up to be a dog-walker. Many owners go on vacation, get home from work later, or are going on business trips. Offer to help them out, for a price. Not only will you get great exercise, but you will also get easy money just for playing with a dog.

House Sit

Are neighbors of yours or a family friends going out of town? Be available so that they might ask you to house sit. This is easy because you can just go about your daily routine, inside someone else’s house. You can get paid quite well for this venture, and all you have to do is get their mail and make sure the milk doesn’t spoil.

As you can see, there are so many ways to make some extra money in your 20s. The best thing to do is just start doing something. Hopefully, these side jobs won’t be permanent. And you will be cruising your way to a lot more financial freedom in no time.


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