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The New Trend of 2018: Silicone Rings!

Wedding rings have been the same for centuries. Usually made of a metal and round. They symbolize a never ending love because they are round. And it is said that the ring is worn on the third finger because it is the only finger with a vein leading directly to heart. How romantic! The other reason the ring is worn on the third finger or the ring finger, is because in early Christian marriages, the priest would proclaim, “The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit” followed by an “Amen”, placing the ring on the ring finger and sealing the marriage. So that is the “old” way of things… What is the up and coming new trend now?

Traditional Weddings Rings Can Be Dangerous

Traditional wedding bands can be dangerous in the fact that when they catch on things they can bend or snap and injure your hand. Or if you smash your hand the ring can bend severely and cut off circulation. These things can truly happen. They are no joke and they can result in loss of a finger or fingers. Scary, right?

The Benefits of a Silicone Ring

The benefits of the silicone ring already outweigh the negative aura the traditional wedding ring seems to have and we haven’t even listed the benefits yet! These unique bands are non-conductive and heat resistant. Meaning they don’t produce heat but they tolerate it well. There are no worries that you’ll have the awkward swollen finger and not be able to get your ring off.


Ladies!!! Looking for a feminine look with stackable bands? Look no further. Now you can have a silicone band as well without the bulky look. You, now too, can have the awesome, nifty ring made of silicone.


If you’re a fun couple that wants to express so in your jewelry, now you can do that too! These rings can really do it all. They masculine, feminine, fun, and classically unique.


Worried about looking manly? Oh no worries. You’re in a fabulous spot to be in… This article will lead you to believe in the new trend of silicone rings! Seriously!  I mean, come on, what guy wants a ring that looks like it meant to be worn by a 24 year old female yoga instructor? None. That’s who. Men want to have a manly ring that will show off their masculinity, not describe them as a 24 year old female yoga instructor.

The Best Part

The rings are decently priced. You can not only purchase one that you will wear for everyday, but you can purchase a ring for casual nights out, fancy outings, and to show off your fun quirky side. All without breaking the bank! Best part about silicone rings!


Silicone rings are not only purposeful, but they are stylish. If you need a ring that will work with you and be everything that you want it to be, a silicone ring is for you. The benefits definitely make it worth checking out these amazingly awesome wedding bands, not only men, but women as well! Have fun picking out the bands that work best for you both! Make sure you do your research! This may be the new trend of 2018, but thanks to Long’s Fine Jewelers, you can get all the info you need on traditional bands too if that is the route you want to go. Will you go with a traditional band or follow the new trend? Happy planning!

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