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Simple Ways to Incorporate Mason Jars Into Your Wedding Decor

Whether you are going for a rustic look, vintage theme, or are simply making your whole wedding your own sha-bang, there are many different creative things that you can incorporate into your wedding decor. Whether it be a specific kind of flower woven not only through the aisle, but through your hair as well, recycled items from your sister’s wedding, or a special pattern used for your centerpieces, creative things are wonderful to use in your wedding and make it your own!

One item that has taken a particular interest from brides is using mason jars, somehow, in wedding decor. Some use them for decorations down the aisle while others use them as centerpieces. If you are going for a rustic or vintage theme, then mason jars are an excellent option.

We chose some of our favorite mason jar ideas and have collaborated them together into one perfect post. We are hoping that these ideas meet every bride’s expectations and will provide some creative ways to incorporate this everyday option into your magical day.

1. Centerpieces


multicolored mason jars

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candle mason jars

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Whether it be something bright and colorful as pictured above, or something more toned down with candles and basic flowers, using mason jars in your centerpieces can be a great way to incorporate them into your decorations. Instead of using vases, simply use a mason jar! They come in many sizes, so mix it up a little bit, and have both tall, small, and wide jars at all of your tables, filled with either flowers, candles, or even candy!


2. Drinks


drink mason jars

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Why not use mason jars for something a little more useful? So use them as the glasses your guests can drink out of, but can also serve as a small wedding favor! You can also get creative with them, you do not have to leave them just as is and plain! Adding a small name tag with you and your fiance’s initials or decorating them in burlap are only a few ways that you creatively add your own decorative style to them.


3. Ceremony Decor


Hanging flower mason jars

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colored mason jars

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Need to spruce up your aisle a bit? Well, if you are a rustic fanatic, there are so many great ideas out there! A neat idea is to have plant hooks lined up and down the aisle with the mason jars hanging from them, and then have them filled with flowers, pebbles, or another plant. You can also have them sitting on the ground and lined up in rows by the chairs, with either flowers or candles in them as well. The options are truly endless!


4. Bouquet of Flowers


flower mason jars

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Mason jars are very popular when it comes to flowers, as you can see. But something that is very unique is using them as bouquet holders. Whether you have the bride and bridesmaids hold them as they go down the aisle in the mason jar, or if you have them at the bridal party table during the reception so the bridesmaids can keep them upright and organized in a jar, that is a great idea as well! Whatever it is, using the jars to hold the bouquets is very convenient, not to mention cute.


5. Wedding Favors for the Guests


granola mason jars

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This is another fun way to do something creative for your guests. Whether filling it with your favorite granola as pictured above, using m&ms, skittles, or another type of candy to fill up the jar, or writing notes to your guests, folding them, and then placing them in the jar, you can find many creative ways to not only fill the jar with things, but also to decorate the outside. You could write “Grandma’s Famous Granola” in fancy lettering, or write “A Note from the Millers” if you decide to go with that instead.


6. Photo Fillers



If you want to incorporate the “Something Old, Something New” idea into your wedding somehow, this is one way you can do it! Print out pictures from other family weddings and put them in the jar as table decorations. If you do not want to necessarily do old photos, but still love the picture idea, then use engagement photos from you and your honey’s session to fill the jars instead!


7. Desserts, Desserts, Desserts, YES!


food mason jars

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Even if you are having cake, sometimes it is still a fun idea to offer other desserts. So why not offer them in mason jars? You could have pudding, mousse, brownies and ice cream, milkshakes, or even iced coffee as desserts for your guests. You could incorporate both wedding favors and desserts into one, but decorating the jar a little bit, adding a tag with the name of the dessert, and sending them home with your guests! If you and your significant other have a favorite dessert, use that special aspect and incorporate it into a mason jar.

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