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Six Thoughts Every Bride (and Groom) Have On Their Big Day!

Your big day is here, you wake up like any other normal day, but this time you’ve got a jam packed day full of excitement. Today you are finally the bride you’ve dreamed of being. You’ve got to get your hair and make up done. You’ve got to delegate tasks to everyone. You’ve got to get dressed and be photographed before your groom sees you. You get all the things you need to get done and have a few moments to sit and think, a moment of clarity before you make that big walk down the aisle. What are your thoughts?


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The Arrival of The Big Day

Your day will arrive so much quicker than you thought. You’ll sit there and wonder where the time went and how it went so quickly. You’ll play the last few months over in your head and realize that there is no other person that would want to marry than the one that is waiting for you down at the end of the aisle today.

Short and Sweet

The time that have carved out for your day, will go by quicker than you ever imagined. Your cheeks will hurt from smiling so much, although that smile doesn’t begin to explain your happiness. Your eyes will be heavy from being awake for such a long while. You won’t notice when your something goes wrong because you’ll be so blinded with happiness. Just enjoy every moment you have with each and every guest.

The Rest of Your Life


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This may sound silly to think about on your wedding day, but you will come to the realization that this is the person that you will spend the rest of your life with. The last person that you will ever kiss with such a passion, the last person that will know the most intimate parts of you. This is the only person that will know your deepest darkest secrets; But is there anyone else that really fits the qualifications?


You will forever be a unit. From this day forward, you’ll be known as Mr. and Mrs. This isn’t such a bad thing, you’ll have a partner in crime. Someone to conquer the world with. This will become real when you get your mail for the first time and it has both your names on it. You’ll smile every time you hear your new name.

 Smooth Sailing


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You’ll have smooth sailing until you have rough seas. You will disagree eventually. Right now, as you’re waiting to walk down the aisle, you cannot even begin to imagine an argument. But you’ve come to realize that this will eventually happen. Is this someone that you want to argue with for the rest of your life? Remember smooth sailing never made a skilled sailor.

The Underwear Dream

In just a few short moments, you will be walking down, to greet the person that you will spend the rest of your life with. You begin to get jittery. Nervous to walk in front of all those people or scared that you are going to stumble on your words. You image yourself, even though you are wearing a gorgeous gown, in your underwear. Not for real… but you are going to be exposed and emotionally raw in front of you guests and your spouse for the best reason ever.

A million thoughts will be rushing through you head on your big day, you’ll feel every emotion under the sun. Breath it though and your day will be magical. No matter what epiphanies you have, good or bad, think them through as a blessing or a lesson. By the end of the day you’ll be merry and married and you’ll get to live out those epiphanies with your partner in crime.

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