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10 Essential Skin Tips Women In Their 30s Should Be Following

Once you’ve arrived at the age of 30 years of age, your skin has been through a lot.  Skin is the biggest organ of your body and often the most forgotten and abused of all of the organs. It gets the most exposure to sun rays and toxins.  On top of all of this, your skin will lose elasticity and start forming wrinkles each year after around 30 years of age.  So now that you know the bad news, let’s talk about some skin and beauty tips for women that you can do to counteract the aging process for your skin.

Eat A Healthy Diet

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Whatever you put into your body when you eat is either going to help or hinder your skin.  Junk food is not going to do your skin any good, but healthy foods will nourish your skin.  Omega-3 is a fatty acid that can do wonders for your skin.  Try eating foods that are naturally high in Omega 3 such as walnuts and flax seeds while limiting your intake of simple and complex carbohydrates.

Hydrate Properly

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Clean water along with chlorophyll are both healthy beverages to drink for your skin’s sake.  Water and also chlorophyll can help lower puffiness on the face and especially around the eyes.  Our bodies are made mostly of water, so it’s a good idea to put water back in frequently.  Cut back on your intake of caffeinated and alcoholic drinks.

Wear Sunscreen

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To protect your skin from harmful UV rays and to prevent premature aging along with age spots, make sure to wear sunscreen when you are exposed to the sun.  Make sure to select a sunscreen with SPF of 30 or greater.  Most sunscreens will need reapplied every 2 hours.

Reduce The Number of Products You Use

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It may be tempting to put makeup on every single day and wear it every waking hour of the day, but the truth is the more you can limit makeup products, the better off your skin will be.  Too many products can be harsh on the skin resulting in clogged pores and breakouts.

Clean Bedding

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Sleeping will take up a good percent of your time, so it’s good to look at what’s next to your skin. Always sleep on clean bedding. Your skin is capable of picking up dirt and bacteria from sheets and pillowcases that haven’t been washed.  A little trick that some people do is to flip over their pillowcase once a week and then wash it every other week to avoid dirt and bacteria buildup.

If you want a skin-friendly material to use for bedding, you might want to consider silk.  Silk is one of the most beneficial materials for you skin to use for sheets and pillowcases.  Because silk is so soft, it will glide easily against your skin without causing any damage.

Don’t Wear Makeup to Bed

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Make sure to remove your makeup each night before you go to bed.  By keeping makeup on all night, you are fostering a perfect environment for clogged pores.  Dead skin cells are meant to be naturally shed off, so by letting your skin be free of makeup it can release the dead cells much easier.

Don’t Pick At Your Skin

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When you notice a skin blemish, it is better to leave it alone rather than to pick at it.  By trying to take off pimples, you are letting in bacteria further into your skin.  This can make it more inflamed.  If you want to do something for the blemish, try holding an ice cube on it for 20-second intervals to bring down the inflammation.


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A peel such as glycolic acid or a soft scrub should be used a couple of times a week.  Exfoliating regularly will help dead skin cells to be removed so that new skin cells can grow.  Exfoliating also helps natural processes like sweat happen without getting clogged pores.

Exercise-Induced Sweat

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When you exercise, your body will naturally try to cool itself down to prevent you from becoming overheated.  One way that your body does this, is by sweating.  Sweating is natural and has many benefits for your skin.  Sweating opens up your pores and helps to flush out toxins, dirt, and impurities.  When you sweat, toxins such as alcohol, cholesterol, and sodium will be eliminated from your system via the sweat.

To get the most out of your sweat, make sure never to use antiperspirant because it blocks a percent of sweat from exiting your body.  Instead, go for deodorants that do not contain any aluminum in them.

Don’t Smoke

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Smoking can make your skin prematurely age.  The act of smoking narrows the blood vessels in the outermost layers of the skin which decreases blood flow.  This also means that oxygen and nutrients have a harder time reaching your skin.  Smoking can damage collagen and elastin, which are the fibers that give your skin strength.  Also, the facial pursing of the lips that happens as you smoke, can contribute to wrinkles.


I’ve gone through some skin tips for women over 30, that will help you keep your skin healthy and young.  Healthy skin starts with what you put in your body.  Make sure to eat a healthy diet, hydrate properly, and do not smoke.  Make sure always to wear sunscreen when you are exposed to sun rays, and limit the number of other products that you put on your skin.  When you do wear makeup, make sure to take it off each night and sleep on clean bedding.  Exfoliate a couple of times a week and try not pick at your skin when you get blemishes.  Last, but not least, try to exercise regularly while working up a good sweat.  Sweat is a body’s natural way of releasing toxins while cooling you down. The process of sweating is very healthy for your skin.  I hope that these skin tips help you to have glowing, healthy, and young looking skin.



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