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7 Sleeping Tips To Help Cure Pregnancy Insomnia

Pregnancy can be such a beautiful and life-changing time in your life. But, it can also be an exhausting one. It seems like the further you get along in your pregnancy, the harder it is to sleep comfortably. Unfortunately, pregnancy insomnia can affect many women throughout their pregnancy.  So, what are some pieces of advice for trying to get a good night’s sleep while you’re pregnant? Today we have your answers.

Keep Exercising

pregnancy insomnia

Of course, make sure that you clear any physical activity with your doctor when you are pregnant. However, it is possible for many women to exercise right up to the days or weeks before they give birth. Exercising is a great way to keep your body healthy and tire you out. By exerting some extra energy to work out every day, it will cause your body to fall asleep so much easier.

Try A Pregnancy Pillow

pregnancy insomnia

As you get further along in your pregnancy, it is no longer safe to sleep on your back or stomach. And, as your stomach gets bigger and bigger, it can be really difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. That is why a pregnancy pillow is a great solution. It allows you to lie on your side and have support as you sleep. Many women have found relief from using a pregnancy pillow as they progressed in their pregnancy. It is recommended by doctors that once you reach 20 weeks, that you no longer lie on your back or stomach. Lying on your side, particularly your left side is the best way to allow blood flow not to be disconnected from the fetus.

Drink Water

pregnancy insomnia

Dehydration is linked to types of insomnia. You are not going to be able to fall asleep if you have a dry mouth. Try drinking regularly throughout the day, and then trying to cut back on the liquids you consume an hour or two before you go to sleep. This will help to minimize trips to the bathroom. And your husband from helping you get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Not to mention staying hydrated is essential for a healthy pregnancy.

Get Into A Routine

pregnancy insomnia

Our next pregnancy sleeping tip is to get into a routine. Even people that struggle with regular insomnia, instead of pregnancy insomnia, can get relief by having a regular sleep routine. This means setting a time that you want to go to bed and sticking closely to it each night. But, this does not mean that you just climb into bed the minute you have decided it’s time to sleep. Try doing things an hour or half an hour before bed that can help prepare you to get a good night’s sleep. Some examples could be reading, listening to music, or journaling. It is a good idea to limit screen time right before bed as well.

Get Sleep When You Can

pregnancy insomnia

If you are not working, or even if you are, try to find some downtime that you may be able to nap during the day. Some workplaces actually allow for pregnant women to take naps during their shifts. However, sometimes naps can take place right when you get home before dinner, or in the afternoon. Naps are a great pregnancy sleep tip to try if you are having trouble getting shut-eye during the actual hours of the night, but still, want to get in the proper amount of sleep. Remember that you are growing an entire human being inside of you, and give yourself grace when you are more tired than normal.

Beat Heartburn

pregnancy insomnia

One of the worst side effects of pregnancy that can linger throughout all the trimesters is heartburn. Even if you have never experienced heartburn yourself, you may start having problems during your pregnancy. Some good tips to follow to avoid getting heartburn when you sleep are as follows. First, try not to recline all the way back, or at all, right after you have eaten a meal. Wait at least an hour or two. If you wake up or are experiencing heartburn when you are sleeping, try to sit up a bit and elevate your head. Another good rule of thumb is to avoid foods that are particularly high in acid like tomatoes, oranges, and coffee. This will help to limit your risk of getting heartburn. Try eating your main, big meal during lunchtime. That way your body has plenty of time to digest it before you go to sleep. For dinner, opt for something lighter that excludes acidic food groups.

Pinpoint Stress

pregnancy insomnia

A lot of times, people have insomnia because of stress and anxiety in their lives. And when you are pregnant, you have even more stress and anxiety than normal. Try making a list of things that are stressing you out. It can be about the future, your job, or things you still need to get done before the baby arrives. Once you make a list, try to find healthier ways to deal with that stress. Some examples include asking for help from friends and family, journaling, exercising, maintaining a healthy diet, and making sleep a priority. Pregnancy can be stressful, but letting that stress rule your life is not going to be healthy for you or your baby.

Sleeping during your pregnancy may not be easy, but hopefully, these sleeping tips can help you to have a more consistent sleep schedule. You won’t be able to sleep that much when your baby arrives, so try to get all the shut-eye now while you can!

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