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Something Old, Something New..What Will You Do?

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Marriage traditions are just that, traditions.. But what do they mean?  Looking for ways to continue the traditions? Look no further!

Something Old

Something old represents the continuity, continuity of time, love, happiness… Ask someone that means a lot to you, that has a long lasting love or someone you have a wonderful relationship with. Grandparents would be honored to know that you adore their love enough to represent it at your wedding as your something old!


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A picture charm of your grandparents on their wedding day? Perfect! They represent the epitome of long lasting love; You can place it on your bouquet or safety pin it to the inside of your dress.


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Grandpa’s watch led him through many great things, it got him places on time, and it led you to this moment. Depending on the style of your wedding, even wearing his watch can complete your look of elegance.

Something New

Something new represents the future. A long lasting, loving future together that you can build upon. It’s ok to buy this for yourself, you’ve built your future thus far, why not represent that?


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Your jewelry can be traditional or bling-y, whichever you choose, you’ll keep it forever and maybe, one day you’ll pass it on to the next generation for their something old.

You can also make something old, into something new to represent a new love, like a relatives dress made into a necklace or repurpose the fabric from the dress into a clutch or a shaw.

Something Borrowed

Something borrowed represents happiness, borrowed happiness from a loving friend or family member. When a family member or friend allows you to borrow something, it shows they trust and love you and wish the same for you and your spouse.


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Borrow a tie from dad or grandpa to wrap around your bouquet, they worked hard to get you where you are today!


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Borrow a hanky for all those happy tears! Carry it down the aisle with you or place it in a safe place on your dress.

Something Blue

Something blue represents purity, fidelity, and love.


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Have your girls, your mom, and your mother-in-law write sweet messages on the bottoms of your shoes in blue marker! A sweet sentiment to keep and a nice way to feel the love all around.


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Blue stitching of your wedding date into your dress; A clever way to mark your dress with something blue without being obnoxious. You may even start a new tradition when you pass your dress down to the next generation!

And a Sixpence in Your Shoe

Mainly a British custom, this represents good fortune. We can all use that!


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Continuity, the future, happiness, love, and good fortune… This tradition is a tale as old as time much like your love will be. Have fun and be creative with your something old, your something new, your something borrowed, and your something blue!

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