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9 Statement Necklaces That Will Compliment Your Wedding Gown!

Statement necklaces are the perfect way to accessorize any wedding gown that needs an extra “oomph”. There are so many types of statement necklaces to choose from, that it might make deciding on one a tad overwhelming. Each of the styles is guaranteed to look trendy and perfectly compliment your own gown. Here are some beautiful statement necklaces that will perfectly compliment your wedding gown!

1.Bedazzled Bride

If you have an eye for sparkly, glamorous jewelry, take a look at the especially bedazzled statement necklaces out there. These necklaces match perfectly with simply wedding gowns with clean lines, this way your outfit will not be too overwhelming for your guests to look at, but instead perfectly complimentary.

2.Collar Necklace

This statement necklace represents a collar in appearance because of the way that it hugs your neck. This is best paired with a strapless, off-the-shoulder, or thin-strapped dress because of how it takes up space. These are delicate, unique statement necklaces that will add an edgy, yet romantic, element to your wedding wardrobe.

3.Colorful Touch

Add a pop of color to your white dress with a bright statement necklace. The color opportunities are endless when choosing which one to go with, but choosing a necklace that goes with your wedding color scheme makes the most sense. Colorful statement necklaces are a fun way to add pizzaz to your wedding dress.

4.Bejeweled Cape

If you aspire to add a Great Gatsby feel to your big day, then a cape statement necklace will help you achieve that dream. A necklace like this adds an old-fashioned, victorian aspect to your wedding dress accessories and is designed for royalty. Take you guests back in time with this amazingly bejeweled accessory necklace.

5.The Reverse Necklace

A statement necklace like this is becoming a more common fashion trend that we see in weddings of all types. It highlights the back, or lack of back, of a wedding gown and the bride. A result of wearing this kind of statement necklace is a fashion statement that only the bold and beautiful can pull off, aka you!

6.Classic Pearls

Wanting a statement necklace that makes a statement but not a statement statement? Take the traditional, classic approach to this dilemma and choose a necklace that brides have been wearing on their wedding days for centuries, just with a little twist. A pearl statement is the perfect marriage of those two ideas.

7.Artsy Fabric

Perhaps a DIY option for choosing a statement necklace, a fabric necklace is a artistic choice to pair with your wedding gown.  Including other elements, like pearls or rhinestones, can really highlight the softness of the fabric in your statement necklace. Be creative with your statement necklace choice by choosing this one made out of fabric!

8.Segmental Jewels

This type of statement necklace is made up of separate, yet similar, jewels that compliment any type of gown. This is the most common statement necklace that you can find at almost any store and come in a variety of colors. This chameleon necklace will be complementary to your gorgeous gown which also complements you.

9.A Little of Everything

If you are the type of bride that isn’t afraid of being different, go with this funky choice of statement jewelry. A mix of classic elements, like pearls and diamonds, with the main addition of non-traditional elements, the metal, makes this necklace necessary for the bold bride. You will certainly be a one of a kind bride with this one of a kind necklace.

Choosing out wedding jewelry is a fun time to explore your options. A statement necklace will never go out of style and are especially trendy this wedding season. Compliment you gown perfectly with this choice of jewelry.

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