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15 Tips To Help Stay At Home Moms Create A Schedule

If you are a stay at home mom, there may be some moments when you feel overwhelmed. On top of having to care for your kids, you have to deal with laundry, dirty dishes, and a house that needs to be cleaned.  With so many things that need to be done, how is a mom supposed to set a schedule for her family?  Well, that is why I am here to help.  Today, I'll be discussing the top tips for creating a schedule as a stay at home mom.  I hope that this article helps your life become more organized and not as hectic.  Let's get started.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Sleep may be the last thing on your mind since you are busy taking care of the needs of your family.  However, without the proper sleep, you won't be able to function as well.  It is recommended to sleep for 7 to 9 hours.  To follow a good sleeping schedule, try to go to bed as soon as your kids do.  It's ok to tidy up the house after your kids go to bed, but don't take too long.  If you are wanting a good night's rest, you'll need to go to bed as soon as possible.  If you still feel tired during the day, try taking a nap when your kids take a nap.

First Schedule the Necessities For Each Day

When planning your stay at home mom schedule, you may try to plan out everything you want to do each day.  Although it is ok to plan ahead, it is best to stick with the necessities first.  Start out by planning what has to be done each day.  For example, plan for dropping your kids off at school, afternoon naps for your little ones, picking up your kids from school, and sending your kids off to bed.  After you have the necessities planned out, you can start scheduling in other house chores.

Write Down the Schedule

It is easy to forget a schedule if you don't write it down.  Take the time to write down your stay at home mom schedule to help free up your brain.  You may want to leave a few blank spots on your list so that you can easily add more to your schedule as you think of them. Put your to-do list somewhere where you can easily view it each day.  Your refrigerator is a great place since that is one of the first places you'll see in the morning as you go to make breakfast.

Have Your Kids Help Out

There are so many easy chores that kids can do to help you out.  For younger kids, such chores could include setting the table, making their bed, and picking up toys.  Older children can sweep the floors, wash the windows, and even cook meals for you.  It may also be helpful if your older kids babysit your younger kids while you either tidy up the house or simply relax.  It is important to realize that giving your kids chores is not a punishment.  Instead, it is an opportunity for them to learn new skills and responsibility. Besides, you will benefit from the extra set of hands.

Say "No" To Extra Schedules

As much as you'd like to, sometimes you can't do everything in life.  This means that sometimes you have to say "no" to extra schedules.  As much as you'd like to meet your friend for lunch, you may have to say "no".  Saying "no" to kids schedules is important too. Don't plan on taking them to every sport or event at school.  You may even need to say "no" to phone calls unless they are important.  Sometimes, saying "no" is the best way you can keep a good schedule.  That way, you won't be constantly running errands and you can spend more time completing your daily tasks.

Create An Activity List For Younger Kids

If your kids are young, it may be helpful if you create an activity list.  This means that when they wake up from their naps, you will have an activity ready for them.  Each day, you can check your activity list and choose an activity.  This saves you time from having to think of an activity when your child wakes up.  Instead, take a look at your list and decide what your child may be interested in.

Use Nap Times As A Time To Tidy Up the House

If you have kids that are young enough to take naps, take advantage of that time they sleep and tidy up the house.  You may even be able to get a few chores done before your kids wake up in the morning.  However, if you are feeling tired you may want to take a nap too while your kids take a nap.

Try Not To Run Errands Each Day

This may be hard, especially if you have to drop your kids off at school.  But even if you have to take your kids to school, try making that the only thing you do.  Avoid going shopping every day and running similar errands.  This takes time out of your day and leaves you behind on chores.  So instead of running to the store every day for items you need, plan one big shopping day once a week.  Stock up on groceries so that you don't need to run to the grocery store each day.

Create A Weekly Menu Plan

Part of your schedule could include a weekly menu plan.  By writing down a menu, you won't have to stress out about what your family will eat for dinner the next day.  You can even start preparing dinner the night before.  You can either use the same menu every week, or you can create a new menu at the beginning of each week.  The point is to plan ahead so that you never have to stress out about meals.

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Don't Look At Social Media Until You Complete Most Of Your Chores

It's ok to check social media, but as a mom, you need as much time as you can possibly get to complete your chores.  A good idea is to look at social media after you have completed most of your chores.  That way, you won't feel stressed and overwhelmed when you get off social media.  Checking social media can be like a little reward for completing your tasks.

Create A Routine

It can be overwhelming if you have a different schedule every single day.  Although some days may be different, most days you should stick to the routine you have planned.  Before you know it, your schedule will form into a habit.  You'll soon be completing your entire checklist without even looking at it once.

Keep Your Kids On A Schedule Too

It can be extra difficult if your kids are not on a schedule too.  A schedule for your kids doesn't have to be stressful.  It can be as simple as assigning them chores and setting bedtime schedules.  Make sure your kids' schedules fit your schedule.  Don't have them do something that requires you to stop your schedule and help them.

Don't Overthink Your Schedule

Even though you probably want your schedule to contain everything you need to do each day, it's ok if you forget to write down a few things.  Also, make sure you don't write down more than you can handle.  This will leave you disappointed if you can't finish everything on your list.  Don't overthink your schedule.  Leave a few blank spots so that you can add on to your schedule if desired.

Set Aside Some Time To Relax

Relaxing may be the last thing on your mind, but it is not something to neglect.  It can be as simple as taking a hot bath, watching a movie, or reading a book before bed.  A good time to relax is when your kids are relaxing too.  Although it may seem like a good idea to have downtime when your kids are asleep, it is important that you go to bed when they go to bed.  About an hour before bedtime, allow everyone in your family to have some downtime.  This will help your kids wind down and get ready for bed, and it will help you feel refreshed.

Don't Stress Out

It can feel overwhelming sometimes with so many chores to do, but it is important that you don's stress out.  Every little chore on your to-do list that you get done is progress. Just getting out of bed, getting dressed, and cooking breakfast is progress.  Simply take one step at a time.  Before you know it, you will find that your entire checklist has been completed.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article has helped answer all your questions when it comes to making a stay at home mom schedule.  Remember that the most important tip is to get plenty of rest. Without the proper amount of sleep (7 to 9 hours), you won't be able to function as well. Another helpful tip is to not add too much to your schedule.  You will feel stressed and disappointed if you cannot complete everything on your list.  That's why it is a good idea to keep things simple and start with only putting the necessities on your checklist. Remember to enjoy life with your little ones and not stress out about your schedule.  Life is so short, so don't waste your days being stressed.

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