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Tips For Surprising Your Groom With More Than A Look!

We all know that weddings can leave couples a little burnt out and I am sure that we know that by the time the wedding comes, as excited as we are, we just want the day to be over. We just want to be merry and married. But how does one bring the fun back for not only the wedding day itself, but the groom??

Photo shoot

Eh, hem… you know what kinda photo shoot.. Boudoir photography seems to be an up and coming trend, so join the fast track! This is something you want to be totally comfortable with, if you’re not, it’ll definitely show through in your pictures.

Average cost: $50-$400.

A letter


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Pour your heart out to him. Give him the best dang letter you’ve ever written. A letter is something that he can cherish and love for all of time to come. He can even pull it out when he is having a bad day!

Average Cost: Only the love you put in it!

Family Keepsake

Ask his mom or dad if there is something that has been a keepsake in the family or something that they have kept for generation and would be willing to part with to give to their son on his wedding day. If they don’t have anything, ask for suggestion from them. They will surely know some family details!

Average cost: Priceless.

A Car-Tastic Experience


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A new car? Well, not really. Or maybe.. If you’re really that ambitious and wish to get your hubby his dream car, go for it. But I was more or less talking about The Exotic Driving Experience… This is every teenage boys dream… (and if your man is into cars, this is something he would definitely be down for)! Who wouldn’t want to drive a Porsche or a Ferrari in it’s natural habitat (the race track)?

Average Cost: $200-$900

A Great Detail

Again, cars. Boys and their toys. You have probably planned out every other detail for your big day, what is one more? Schedule to have his car detailed inside and out! Not only will he be impressed that you remembered his “baby” but you remembered “her” in a positive way that he will be oh-so-grateful for!

Average cost: $150 to $400.



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You don’t have to know a thing about them… But you may know a thing or two if he enjoys a fine cigar from time to time. If that is the case, get him and his men a stogie to share before the big moment! (Tip: You may want to include a tooth brush and toothpaste with this gift…)

Average cost: $10 to $100 per cigar (This also depend on how many and what brand you get)

A Watch

A watch is something that he can use everyday. Every time he puts it on, he will be reminded of the great and wonderful day that he got to call you his wife.

Average cost: Whatever fits your budget and his style!


Take him to see his favorite band, his favorite team, or his favorite play! Not only will he be excited to go see his favorite team, but he will be excited to take his WIFE with him as his date!

Average cost: $50 to $300



Click the picture to buy from!

Give him a pair of sock and a little note that says something about cold feet. He will definitely get a laugh out of this and hopefully it will lighten the nervous wedding jitters!

Cost:  You can find that for as little as $3.50 on Etsy!


Now that you’ve got some ideas on what to give to your man…

How do you give it to him? 

Step One

Have the gift ready to give on your wedding day.

Step Two

Coordinate with your maid of honor and your photographer. Why? Because your maid of honor will be the one to deliver your gift (If you’re having a traditional wedding and you don’t want to be seen by the groom before the ceremony this is the way to go!) and you want the photographer to capture the moment of him opening his gift from you since you won’t be able to see it in person.


If you’re alright with the groom seeing you before the ceremony, then you’ll also need to collaborate with your photographer and maid of honor. This is cool because you can do a “first look” with this option as well. Have your photographer(s) follow you, photograph the anticipation of waiting for your groom. You may also want to have your groom photographed.

Have your maid of honor go get your groom to bring him to you. If you would like to do the first look, blindfold him!

Step Three

Once you are where you want to be, do the big reveal and give him your stellar gift!!! Not only will you have the photographs of seeing him seeing his bride for the first time, but you’ll also have his surprised reaction to his great and awesome gift that you’ve picked out for him!


Now that you have ideas for your gift and an idea for a plan on how to surprise the heck out of him, get to thinking on how exactly you want to execute your plan for your special guy! It may take some planning but with these fail-proof gift ideas, he will surely love whatever you give to him! Happy planning!!



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