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Taco-bout Awesome! A Whole New Meaning To Taco Tuesday!

So more than likely you have heard that weddings run anywhere from a minimum of $20,000 to $30,000 nowadays. That is crazy. That price includes pretty much everything including all your major stuff for your wedding planning needs. A lot of the time brides will space out their spending so it doesn’t seem like much but in the end, you’re more than likely broke. This makes it even harder when you’re looking for a wedding venue or location. But could you imagine only paying $600 for a wedding and having a pretty great venue? Everything included, including your first meal as husband and wife? How could this be so?

The Contest

Right now, Taco Bell is running a contest. This isn’t your ordinary contest though. You won’t win a years worth of tacos, but they can do you one better… They are going to supply you with a life time of… love. That’s right, you’ll win a lifetime worth of love.

This contest will not only allow you to get married at their Las Vegas Cantina Restaurant, but you will also win a flight to Vegas. After you have arrived, you will also be provided with a wedding reception and dinner for you and up to 15 of your closest friends and family, attire, photography and videography. And last but certainly not least,  a honeymoon taco-lly fit for a set of awesome newly weds.

How Does One Enter Into This Contest?

  1. You gotta tell your love story. You’ve got to either tell your story from a video that is 30 seconds or less or a photo that depicts your love story.
  2. To submit your photo or video, you have to share it on Instagram or Twitter using #LoveAndTacosContest. This must be done by march 1, 2017.
  3. Starting on March 1, fans will vote for their favorite. Judges will take it from there and pick their favorite.

It’s Ok If You Don’t Win…

If you don’t win this content, it’s ok. The Summer of 2018 is bringing to you, the first ever, Taco Bell Chapel. You and your taco-loving boo will literally be able to walk in an order a wedding off the menu. They will have an officiant ready to go within four hours for you to get married. So if you wake up one day and decide that you want to get married, Taco Bell’s Cantina Restaurant in Vegas is the place to go!


For the wedding, Taco bell will provide you a bow tie for the groom and a “sauce packet” garter for the bride. They also provide shirts that say just married for the bride and the groom. Perfect to ring the wedding (taco) bell!


You can probably guess… Right? I would hope so! Taco 12 pack filled with tacos coming your way! Just watch it if you’re wearing a white dress, tacos stain… I know from personal experience.


Did you really think that they would forget the cake? Heck no! They thought of everything with this package. They got your back. They will provide you with a Cinnabon Delights Cake to enjoy with your new spouse!


The flowers that just keep giving… A sauce packet bouquet is there for you to use during the ceremony and for pictures. How nifty is this? You’ll surely look saucy in your pictures!

What’s the Catch

Obviously you have to travel to Vegas to order this special package off their menu. All you have to do is get your marriage license once you are there.

Or… “Let’s get married!”

The Most Bang For Your Buck

Literally… All of that for $600. Six. hundred. dollars. That is an entire wedding and reception. It may not be über fancy, but you’ve got to think about it this way, you’ve got the main goal out of the way. You’re married and this experience will be a great and fun story to tell your grandchildren.  Don’t forget to factor in the hotel stay though. The average cost for a night in Vegas is around $120 a night. Combine your wedding with your stay and you’ve got a total of around $1500. Add another grand (airfare and spending money) on there for a total of $2,500 and you’ve got yourself a wedding and a honeymoon. Taco-bout awesome!

The Pros

The pros of this are pretty simple, not only do you get to celebrate in Vegas, but you get to celebrate at one of the coolest places to hang out and order your wedding package off of a menu!

The price is pretty amazing too. How many people can say that they had their wedding and honeymoon for less than $3,000? And I mean really say that. This is almost like a destination wedding without the actual “destination travel”.

For $600, you get a lot of stuff included with your package. So why the heck not?

The Cons

The cons? There may only be one con to the whole thing… You can only have 15 of your closest friends and family there in the ceremony and reception. BUT… But this is remedied by professional photography and videography. So there really is no excuse to not get married at the Taco Bell Cantina and Chapel!

A Taco Bell Wedding may just be the way to go if you’re looking for a way to get married quickly and for the best price. I always heard as a kid that Taco Bell was the place to go. Now, as an adult, Taco Bell is the place to get married. Why spend $20,000 or $30,000 when you could spend $600 for your entire wedding and be done! When everything is said and done, you’ll be the taco-the-town! And the best part of the whole thing? You have minimal planning to do! So I would say happy planning, but I think I’ll just wrap this up by saying taco to you later!

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