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Taking The Cake: Cake Toppers That “Top” Them All!!

Many think the dress takes the cake for a wedding, but in reality it’s the cake that “takes the cake”.  The flavors and the overall design of the masterpiece you choose (that you will later smash in your spouses face) is what gets everyone! Why not top it off with something that is more than a mini-replica of yourself?

The Silhouette Cut-Out

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Silhouette cut-outs are very trendy, either with a silhouette of the bride and the groom or with your new surname… or both! Depending on the theme of your wedding this can be the best look for your simple and classy cake. This brings a whole new definition to the traditional cake topper! And when the wedding is all said and done, you can can frame it and keep it as a keepsake for years to come!


Throughout life you will often see symbols of your marriage in your everyday life, something that embodies your whole marriage, why not put it on the pedestal known as your cake? Many couples view symbols as their bond to each other, like the infinity symbol; representing no end, just like your vows to one another.

A Significant Phrase, AKA: The Hashtag

Often times in society we see hashtags as a descriptions to a key moment. Place your wedding hashtag at one place where you’re sure everyone will look. The top of the cake!  Whether it’s cut out of metal, customized to you, or painted on a plaque. Make it yourself or buy it, either way it will look fabulous; and kill two birds with one stone by having a unique cake topper and letting people know what your wedding hashtag is!

Cupcake Cake Toppers

Why not! Cupcakes are the perfect size for your guests to enjoy, they deserve some recognition too. Cupcakes are simple, but their decor doesn’t have to be. Glitter can make a cupcake really stand out, shimmer dust is perfectly eye catching. Cut-outs stuck on a toothpick are too cute! Cut out a cutesy shape, like a heart, and glue it on a tooth pick; pop a couple in for added depth and you’ll have the most darling cake decor personalized by you.


Many times they are great for a get-a-way car for after the reception; why not place a banner on the cake! A tiny banner is a cute way to get a message across to your guests and for in pictures later down the road. Writing “Just Married” or if you’re a history buff, “Let Them Eat Cake” across the cake lets you express yourself in a fun and crafty way!

DIY Those Bad Boys

What are your hobbies together? What do you both enjoy? Incorporate your
interests into your wedding! You pick the flavor of the cake, the icing, why not customize the cake topper too? Avid photographer? Use Polaroid to show off your fun and quirky side. Into Cars? Use die-cast models to represent your favorite cars. Enjoy nature? Find flowers to display at the top of your custom cake.


Choose a cake topper that fits you as a couple and your day will be magical; whether you buy or do it yourself, your cake and your special day will be perfect!

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