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Target REDcard Debit Card Review

With a Target REDcard Debit Card, purchases are paid for by withdrawing directly from your account, just like a check.  You can earn rewards for your purchases such as 5% off of what you buy.  You’ll also get other perks too, like free shipping off of any purchase.

On the downside, the discount will not apply to prescriptions, eye exams, gift cards, prepaid cards, gift wrap services, and shipping costs.


  • You will be eligible for perks like free shipping from Target.



  •  Discounts do not apply to prescriptions, eye exams, gift cards, prepaid cards, and gift wrap services.


What Other People Are Saying About The Target REDcard Debit Card

Target REDCard Debit Card

“A super important issue with debit cards is the holder is not protected from fraud and can lose the entire contents of their linked bank account. Fortunately, the current terms of service of the REDcard offer some protections.”

“RedCard, like many financial products aimed at the lower income end, offers harsh penalties and little forgiveness.”

“I love my REDcard – 5% off every time and you can pay it off at the counter. Super easy! Plus they donate money from every purchase to a school of your choice.”

“(Amazing) This is the only word that I can simply use to describe this card. They have a Debit or Credit. Many people who have a problem with this card do not truly understand how it works, pay their bills on time, or do not keep track of their finances. Target really tries their best even to help you out by putting your Red Card transactions on their website. Click Manage your Red Card on to find this out. They process your transactions within 24 hours.”

Cost and Process to Join

Target REDcard Debit Card

To apply for a Target REDCard, click here.  You will need to have ready your Social Security number, valid driver’s license, state ID or military ID, personal checking account and bank routing numbers, and other personal information.  During the application process, your personal checking account number will need to be verified before you can use your card. You must be at least 16 years of age to apply.

Customer Service

Target REDcard Debit Card

I found a lot of complaints about the Target REDcard Debit Card.  Enough so that I’d be leery with joining this one.  Or at least I’d be more cautious.

Here is one of many complaints about customer service,

“I initially had pleasant experiences with my REDcard customer service. Then I had the misfortune of a 2 month period of unemployment and 2 missed payments. My attempt to work out a payment plan did not go well as the customer service rep was rude and unhelpful. It is on me to make payments on time but my experiences with my other credit card companies at least provided me with suggestions and possible solutions. I should have listened to one friend, who previously worked at Target, who warned me not to fool with Target and their REDcard.”

My Conclusion

If you are mostly wanting to save some money at Target, then the Target REDcard Debit Card should be an advantage to your wallet.  Also, if you do a lot of online shopping you will be able to save money on shipping.  If you do get a Target REdcard Debit Card, it would be to your advantage to pay off your balance each month in full.  The interest penalty is high and will quickly outweigh any savings you may be getting. I hope that my review can help you to save more money each month!

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