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Tattooed Brides That Rocked Their Ink on Their Wedding Day

Got some tats that you want to rock on your wedding day? Whether your tattoo holds a deep meaning that is special to you or you just simply like the way it looks, it deserves to be displayed on your big day. Give your ink the attention it deserves by getting inspired by these brides that beautifully showed off their tattoos on their wedding day.

1. Out and About

If your tattoos are most prominent and noticeable on your arm, you can compliment them with a sleeveless or strapless dress. This way of showcasing your tattoos make them stand out from your white dress and helps their color pop. Your ink will get the recognition it deserves while at the same time complementing your wedding dress and makeup.






2. Perfectly Framed

Depending on your tattoo placement, your wedding dress may be able to perfectly compliment your tat. This will make it stand out without stealing the show from your wedding dress. If your tattoo is on your back like the one pictured to the left, try finding a dress with a keyhole back, if your tattoo is along your collar bone, aim towards having a strapless dress or one with an illusion neckline so that it is visible. Framing your tattoo works best with brides that have one tattoo, but if you have multiple, you can decide to display one of your favorites.






3. Cradled in Lace

By placing lace over your tattoos, you will give a three dimensional look to your tattoos. This is especially beautiful for brides with sleeves or back tattoos. Your tattoos will look gorgeous and stand out because of the way the delicate lace will compliment them. Finding a lace dress with sleeves is ideal for this wedding statement.







4. Color-Popping

If you are striving to stand out and stray from traditional ways, wear a brightly colored dress on your wedding day in place of a pure white gown. This badass look will make jaws drop as you walk down the aisle rocking your tattoos. Choosing a color that highlights the color most used in your tats will look phenomenal, but also a color that is not dominant in your tattoos will also make them look great. This look is ideal for a bride covered in tattoos that have lots of stories behind them.







5. Teacup Tattoos

If you have rockin’ leg and ankle tattoos, a teacup dress is a must have for your wedding. Whether you choose to wear it for the ceremony, reception, or both, your tats will be displayed flawlessly. Plus, teacup dresses are cute and edgy and also extremely in style right now. You can go many directions with this dress type, you can make it cute and girly with some flowered and jeweled accessories, or you can make it glam by adding a funky veil and stilettos. Have fun with this idea and complement your tattoos with a teacup dress.







6. Shoe Show-Off

Foot tattoos are so pretty, but how do you show off and bring attention to your feet on your wedding day? For starters, finding a pair of stunning shoes that you can show off to all of your guests and display in photos is an awesome way to draw attention. If you want to go further with showing off your foot ink, you could rock a teacup length dress where your guests’ eyes will naturally be drawn to your fabulous shoes and then your tattoos. Have fun finding a pair of fun heels for your big day!







Every tattoo has a story, even if it is just a simple one where you really liked its design. Tattoos can be a product of growth or a drunk night out, either way they are a permanent part of your life. By incorporating them on your big day, you will have tons of fun stories to tell and be able to incorporate multiple memories along with it.

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