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12 Of The Best And Worst Wedding Favors Ever Given

We all know that the polite thing to do is to give wedding favors to thank your guests for coming to your wedding.  However, what you may not know is that many wedding favors are not appreciated by guests.  In this article, I’ll be going over the best and worst wedding favors ever given out.  Get ready to give wedding favors your guests will never forget, because this article contains many inspiring wedding favors.  Enjoy!

Best Wedding Favor:  Water Bottle

This is not just any cheap plastic water bottle.  This is a nice metal water bottle that can be used over and over again.  You can buy personalized water bottles that have you and your husband’s name on it, or you could simply leave the water bottle blank.  By writing your name on the water bottle, guests will always remember where they got the water bottle and how special it is.  However, sometimes guests don’t want somebody else’s name on their water bottle.  

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Image Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Worst Wedding Favor:  Jordan Almonds

While you may think it is sweet to give out candy as a wedding favor, a lot of people reported that Jordan Almonds are one of the worst wedding favors ever given out.  Why? First, not all people like Jordan Almonds.  Second, they are not something you can actually use.  And third, Jordan Almonds will go bad at some point.  The most important thing, though, is that multiple people said that Jordan Almonds were the worst wedding favor they ever received.  Because of that, you probably shouldn’t give them out.  

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Image Source: Oh! Nuts

Best Wedding Favor:  Coffee Beans

This is a great wedding favor for all your coffee-lover friends.  This is a nice gift that most people will actually use.  Of course, if a lot of your guests do not drink coffee, you may want to give out a different wedding favor.

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Image Source: Wedding

Worst Wedding Favor:  Donations 

This is a controversial one, because many people love it when couples have donations as the wedding favor.  However, a lot of people wish they actually got something instead of knowing they donated to somewhere.  Also, many times the couple forgets to donate, and then all that money people gave never goes anywhere.  So, it is better to give a wedding favor that your guests can take home instead of donating to a cause.  If you really want to donate to a cause, make sure you tell your guests and then remember to donate the money.  Also, you’ll want it to be a cause that most of your guests agree with.  If a lot of your guests don’t agree with the cause you are donating to, you should skip having the donations being the wedding favor.  

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Best Wedding Favor:  Sunglasses

This is a great wedding favor to give if you are having a summer wedding or a beach wedding.  You can get creative and write a sign that says something like, “Don’t get blinded by our love” or “Our love is blinding.”

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Image Source: My Wedding Reception Ideas

Worst Wedding Favor:  Anything With the Couple’s Name On It

Whether it’s a bottle, a book, or a cookie, all people have agreed that the worst wedding favor is one that has the couple’s name or wedding date on it.  Guests are not going to use wedding favors with the couple’s name on it as much as if it was blank.  

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Image Source: Zazzle

Best Wedding Favor:  Journal

Guests may love receiving a journal as a wedding favor.  You can write something in each journal if you want, or simply give out empty journals.  You can find journals that have sayings on them such as “With love”.

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Image Source: Event Blossom

Worst Wedding Favor:  Pictures From the Wedding

Of course, it is OK to give out a few pictures of the wedding.  However, when that is all your guests get as a wedding favor, your guests may be disappointed.  Only give out pictures of your wedding to people you are close to (your grandparents, parents, sisters, etc).

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Image Source: My Wedding Favors

Best Wedding Favor:  Plants

Plants add beauty to a home and can be therapeutic to care for.  What’s even better is that there is a large variety of plants to choose from.  Some couples decide to go all out and give apple trees as a wedding favor, while others give out smaller plants such as succulents instead.  If you decide to give out a rare plant or one people may not know how to care for, you may want to give care instructions.

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Worst Wedding Favor:  A Pen

We can all use a pen once in a while, but guests can easily go to the store and buy a pack of pens.  With that being said, guests may not fully appreciate a pen if that is all they get for coming to the wedding.  If you do give out pens, make sure you give out more than one.   

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Image Source: Wedding Favors

Best Wedding Favor:  Homemade Treats

Everyone likes a tasty snack once in a while.  Why not send your guests home with some homemade goodies?  Whether it is sugar cookies or homemade jam, guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness and will enjoy every bite of it.  While you could go to the store and buy some snacks, it is going to be more special to guests if you make the snacks yourself.  

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Image Source: Birch Box

Worst Wedding Favor:  Soap

Some people may like soap, but a lot of people don’t.  Yes, guests may use the soap when they take a bath but most likely they’ll want something different.  If you do give out soap as the wedding favor, don’t give out cheap soap that guests could buy at the store.  Try giving out more expensive soap or soap that guests would not see at the store.  

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Image Source: Etsy

Final Thoughts

Are you wondering what wedding favors you should give to your guests?  Hopefully, you found this article helpful.  The main wedding favors that guests like are water bottles, coffee beans, sunglasses, a journal, plants, and homemade snacks. Wedding favors that guests don’t appreciate as much are Jordan Almonds, donations, anything with the couple’s name on it, pictures from the wedding, a pen, and soap.  If you are still having a hard time deciding what wedding favors to give out, it is completely fine to skip the wedding favors. Many couples have done this at their wedding, and most likely your guests won’t notice. Best of luck!

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