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Ten Things TLC’s “Say Yes To The Dress” Taught Us

I am sure that we all know the show on TLC called Say Yes To The Dress… We’ve all seen the crazy brides that appear on the show. We know what kind of bride that they will be when their episode first comes on. But What about the lessons that we learn from the show? Here are the top ten lessons.

Sometimes There Are One Too Many Involved

Sometimes there are one too many people in the viewing area, giving ideas and trying to help. Too many people can be a bad thing.

Lesson: Don’t let your groupies overtake your special moment!

You Must Spend Between An Arm and a Leg

This. Just scary. Holy moly. You could buy two cars with that… Why buy a dress that you’ll wear for one day for that price? Unnecessary.

Lesson: Shop smarter, not harder. Make sure your purchase is agreeable upon all parties.

Honesty Can Be Hard, Say It With Your Face

Sometimes the brides make it hard to… er… be honest… in fear that they’ll lash out at you for telling the truth… Make it easier by using facial expressions, let them interpret what they want from that.

Lesson: If you’ve asked for an opinion, be prepared to get a honest answer!

The Bride Gets What The Bride Wants

There are ways to getting things that you wish to have without being rude or mean… But it always seems that the brides on SYTTD are very demanding!

Lesson: Don’t be the demanding bride! Be kind and appreciate. You never know what you will like or not like when you’re there actually trying dresses on!

These Dresses Will Show Off What Your Momma Gave You

If you purchase your gown from Kleinfeld Bridal, you’ll be able to show off your assets because their dresses are fabulous!

Lesson: Maybe your dress isn’t the best for your figure. Just because you think you like a certain style, it may not be what is meant for you.

It Isn’t A Wedding Dress… It’s A Costume

This dress will be a costume… for your wedding. Despite what you may have thought, you actually won’t be wearing a wedding dress.

Truth: You dress does not have to be a costume. You should be comfortable and feel beautiful in your dress.

The Bridal Consultants Know Everything

The consultants can tell what kind of costumer you’ll be as soon as you walk through the door. They’ve seen your kind a hundred times and know exactly how you’re going to be in their store.

Lesson: You bridal consultant may not know everything, maybe they are having an off day. Listen for their advice, but don’t forget about your opinion too.

There Will Be Crying

Happy crying, sad crying, angry crying… You name it. There will be crying happening somewhere.. Don’t hold it back. It isn’t worth it to hold it back.

Lesson: Crying is ok. Don’t be afraid to show emotion, but don’t go overboard. You got this!

There Will Be Laughs

More than likely you’ll have laughs… They will either be happy and full mutual laughs or they will be mean vicious laugh.

Lesson: Let the laughs flow. Make this a happy and fun experience!

You Don’t Have To Say Yes

Just because you go there to try on these dresses that cost an arm and a leg, does not mean that you will actually come out with a dress.

Lesson: Just because you’ve made an appointment, you don’t have to purchase a dress in that first, initial appointment. It isn’t a bad thing to have to go back.

Sometimes, Say Yes To The Dress teaches you lessons and sometimes it makes you count your blessings. Don’t fret. Hopefully when you go to pick out your wedding dress, you’ll have plenty of time, people there to help you, and find the dress of your dreams. We’ve learned several lessons from SYTTD, some good and some bad, some we already knew. Where ever you go, happy planning!

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