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Ten Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas for the Ring-less Couples

Some husbands are constantly doing rough work, either at their jobs or around the house, and are scared of easily scratching and hurting their ring. Some wives work as servers or at a job where they cannot wear jewelry, and are scared of easily losing or blemishing their rings. For couples like these, getting wedding ring tattoos is a genius idea, and show be taken into serious consideration for conflicted newlyweds.

But you might be asking yourself, what kind of ring do I get? Are we supposed to get matching tattoos or separate ones? There are so many awesome options available out there today that are inexpensive and cheaper than buying actual rings. Besides, they are permanent and will last a lot longer than any ring out there. So if you are looking into getting a wedding ring tattooed on, consider some of these pretty sweet ideas!

1. Dates of Your Wedding


date ring tattoo

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Want to incorporate your wedding date somehow into your ring? Consider this simplistic replacement! You could just do the date and not the year, or if the print is small enough, you could do the actual lettering and the whole sha-bang!


2. The Name of Your Spouse


name ring tattoo

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This is very dear and heartfelt to many newlyweds. Having someone’s name goes deeper than just tattooing a simple band on your finger. You are forever imprinting their name where a normal wedding band would go, and for many brides or grooms, that is a sentimental and meaningful gesture.


3. Match the Wedding Band of Your Spouse


ring tattoo

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If your favorite woman or loving husband has a ring, but you want a tattoo, you can replicate their ring onto your finger. So technically you are matching, but you can also add their initials or another message on the backside of your finger to personalize it more!


4. A Simple Heart


heart ring tattoo

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Looking for something simple, small, and sweet? A small heart pointing away from you is a cute gesture and symbol of your love. I understand your man not be as big of a fan of getting a heart, but you (the bride) can still get one and it be just as sweet, even if it does not match!


5. A Lion and His Lioness


lion ring tattoo

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Want to be bold as lions? This tattoo may be more on the expensive, painful, and intricate side, but it is well worth the money. If you want a bold and unique tattoo to match your honey, this is a cool option! Even if your better half does not want to match with you, it is still a unique idea for you for another tattoo!


6. Roman Numeral Wedding Date


roman numerals ring tattoo

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This is just another unique way to use your date as a ring on your finger. Because it does not go around the finger like a normal ring shape would, this ring is not only unique because of the Roman numerals, but also because of the placement of the tattoo as a line on the finger.


7. Simple Black Band


thick band ring tattoo

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If you want a classy, simple wedding band tattoo, than this thick black band is the way to go. You can make the lines as thin or thick as you want, although many times the men have the thicker band tattoos and the women have the thinner ones.


8. Matching Key and Heart


heart and key ring tattoo

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“You have the key to my heart!”. Although cliche and a typical love line to our lovers, if your husband is down for cute, matching tattoos, than this fun option may be the choice for you! It is typical for the man to get the key tattooed and the woman to have the heart, but it can also be done vice versa.


9. Celtic Design Wedding Band


braided ring tattoo

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This gives the typical ring shape a little more flare. There are many different designs and shapes when it comes to this braided look, and it is simple and plain enough that it does not distract and pull away from the purpose behind a ring: a symbol of your forever love!


10. Matching Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Bands


Mr mrs ring tattoo

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This a simplistic and elegant tattoo that will make any bride blush and squeal when she looks at it. Forget the extremely expensive engagement rings, this cute way of expressing your new title of “Mr.” and “Mrs.”!

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