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Writing Thank You Cards Like A Pro!

So. Here we are. Thank you card etiquette. This is something that most brides dread when they get home from their honeymoon (other than the copious amounts of laundry that you have to do when you unpack) and the fact that they have to go back to reality without their new hubby! So what are some tips for writing multiple thank you cards?

Bridal Shower Thank You

If you have bridal shower there are a couple of things that you must do afterward. For bridal shower gifts, you must use your maiden name when you sign, because you aren’t yet a Mrs! The other thing that you must do is be sure to have your thank you cards out to your guests before your wedding. Those that attended your shower will be at the wedding and it is in poor taste not to thank someone for the effort that they made for you.

Make A List

Be sure that you or your maid of honor is making a list of everything that you receive at your shower and your wedding. Make sure it is detailed; What you received and from who. This will help you later on when you go to write the thank you notes. You literally can go right down the list and cross off names! This will ensure that you will not forget anyone!

Do Some Of The Leg Work Beforehand

You know what they say about assuming… but here let’s assume that your guests are getting you a gift. Address your envelopes, place a stamp on them, and place your note cards in the envelope. Once you have a completed list, place them in order. Go down the list. Write your note and place it in the envelope. All you have to do is seal it and mail them!

Before The Wedding

If you receive wedding gifts before the wedding, be sure that you send out your thank you note out before the wedding, just like bridal shower gifts. This time you will thank your guest together with your soon-to-be hubby.

Two to Three Weeks After The Wedding

You will be thankful that you did all the work beforehand knowing that you have such a short period of time to send out your thank you cards. You will have two to three weeks after the wedding to thank your guests.

No More Than Three Months Later

If you don’t meet the two to three week time line, that is ok. It isn’t the best, but as long as you get them out before three months post-wedding, that is fine. Your guests shouldn’t have to wonder if they will receive a thank you or not.

Mention The Gift

When writing your thank you notes out, be sure to mention the gift by name and mention how it will be useful to you and your hubby. Let them know that you will think of them every time that you use it. For example, if  you Aunt Mary gives you pots and pans for a gift, say something to the affect of, “Aunt Mary, Thank you so much for the pots and pans! John and I will make many meals together with them and we will think of you every time!”

Monetary Gift

Any monetary gift is great, big or small. Be sure that when you mention the gift you don’t mention the actual amount. For example, If Uncle Joe gave you $50, say something to the affect of, “Uncle Joe, Thank you for the generous gift, we will surely utilize this on our journey for saving for a house!”

The Doubles or The Unlikeable Gift

We all know that there are those friends and family members that will give stuff that isn’t on your registry that you have absolutely no use for or maybe you got doubles off of your registry. Be sure that when write out your thank you cards you don’t mention that you got doubles or that you didn’t like your gift. Let them know that their gift was useful. Don’t trouble them with mean spirited feelings and don’t let them be aware that you got doubles.

Make Them Personal

Make your thank you notes personal. Make sure they have a personal touch in them that your guests can read and appreciate. Include a photo from the wedding or on your honeymoon. The photo doesn’t have to be a professionally shot photo but it is still nice for your guests to have that as a keepsake. Also, have your new hubby help too! He may not be a great writer, but have him sign his name at the end at the very least. This makes for a more personal vibe!


Writing your thank you notes can be tricky, be sure to follow these tips to get you thank you notes that seem like they are written professionally. Don’t chance writing a poorly worded thank you note! Write with style and pizazz and you’ll be fine! Happy planning!


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