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Say “Thank You” To Your Girls For All That They Have Done For You!

Your bridal party does a lot to help you prepare for your big day, they listen to you complain and cry to them. They do a lot of heavy lifting for you on your big day, mentally and physically. We all know that they may not enjoy the “heavy lifting” that they have to do for us throughout the duration of our planning, but they do it for us because they love us. So how can we show them that we really appreciate them?

Ask Their Opinion

Asking one’s opinion on something is the biggest form of flattery that you can give. This show that you care about what the person has to say. You care about how they are affected in the process. For example, ask your bridesmaids which style dress they prefer or like to wear. Obviously, you will pick the color but asking them which style can mean a lot to them!

Show Our Appreciation

Give them a token of appreciation. Showing them that you care will stick with them for time to come. Every time that they see or use your gift, they will think of you and remember how thankful you were for helping them on their big day.  You gift doesn’t have to be a huge, grand gesture, just as long as it is sentimental and personal to them.


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Let Them Know

Write them a heartfelt letter. Pour your heart and soul out to them… Well, you know, not your heart and soul, but pen them words that they will never forget. Write a letter that they will want to read over and over again to feel the same bubble of thankfulness swell in their chest every time they read it.

Give Them A Gift Strictly For Themselves

Give them something that they can only use for themselves. Don’t give them a gift card for grocery shopping or to get gas, give them something for just them. Do they like getting their hair done? Their nails? What about sitting in the bath with candles lit? Give them the gift of relaxation and pampering. At first, they may feel selfish for using that gift, but afterwards they will enjoy that little bit of pampering.

Return The Favor

This doesn’t mean you will stand by them in their wedding, as that is super rude to assume. Be sure to be a good friend and listen. They may need an ear and a shoulder!

If they have something that needs done, offer to help them. It is amazing what a helping hand can do. That may be their only source of help. Give them the same courtesy that they have given you, to them. Offering a hand to help in their personal life can mean more to them than you know.


Your bridesmaids sacrifice a lot for you, not only to help you for your big day, but to help you as a friend. Don’t just say the words “Thank you”… Although that is nice to hear too, show them that you truly and sincerely appreciate them for who they are and what they have done for you.

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