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The 7 Advantages of Rocking a Short Wedding Dress

You have tried on over six hundred million wedding dresses and have not liked a single one of them. They are either too poofy, too silky, too lacy, too flashy, too simple, too much bling, too boring, or too exquisite. But then suddenly, your eye catches an adorable short number hanging on a hanger in the short wedding dress section. Even though your mother protests, you try it on and instantly fall in love with it. And although the rest of your friends there to support you have blank faces, you are too busy being in love with a dress to notice.

Okay, so maybe this is a little over dramatic.

But maybe you are in the same predicament. You love the idea of a short wedding dress, but are not sure you can pull it off. Or maybe you have your mother or future mother in law breathing down your neck about how a long wedding dress is the way to go. Either way, read on for reasoning as to why you should totally go with a short wedding dress.

1. You can totally pull it off!

Do not doubt yourself on this one! You are beautiful and can pull off anything you want to. Of course a short wedding dress is not traditional and not a classic. But that is what makes it so gorgeous and unique! If you are second guessing yourself, don’t. If you want a short dress, you can totally pull it off because you are freaking awesome.

2. It is a lot comfier.

Think about how more comfy you will be. No more having to drag around a long train or be worried about tripping on the rest of your dress all day. The most uncomfortable thing possible to do on your big day is to wear a tight dress. But it is even more uncomfortable when you have to wear that dress for ten hours and on top of that, the dress is long and tight. So if you want to be sexy and comfy, and not have to waddle around in a tight mermaid dress, then a short dress is the best route.

3. Your dress will be eye catching.

You are bound to turn a lot of heads, just saying. If you want a dress that does not draw a lot of attention, then by all means go with a long, traditional wedding gown. But if you want something that is jaw dropping and will definitely have some admirers, then choosing a short dress is right up your alley.

4. You can see your shoes.

If you want to show off your shoes (especially if you would classify your shoes as “unique”), then the only way possible (other than taking photos of them) is to wear a short dress. Wear some awesome red heels with confidence to give your wedding a little more glam. Or go a little more casual with your favorite pair of black chucks or your favorite pair of tie up gladiator sandals. Whatever you decide, be sure that your shoes get the attention they deserve (because feet obviously have feelings, you know).

5. It is a lot cheaper.

Seriously. If you want to save a few bucks (and by few, I mean a lot) then going with a short dress is your best option. Especially if you are the one paying for the dress, then you should get a dress you love and that you can afford without going into debt.

6. It is less hot and less restricting.

Just think about the dancing! You will not be held back by a long dress or be restricted in any way, shape, or form. You will be able to go crazy dancing and be comfortable because you are not worried about getting too sweaty and ruining your whole get up. So save yourself the sweat and go with the short!

7. Your photos will be so stunning and unique.

Think of all the cool and unique wedding shots you could take! Knowing you can pull of the look and rock it with your honey, get into the wedding shoot! Do some fun poses, serious and sexy poses, and romantic ones as well.

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