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The 9 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Graduated College

Is the real world actually that bad?

Are you a recent college grad? Even if you have graduated and been at your job for years, you can still relate to this article. Today we are talking about the things that no one tells or prepares you for about life after college. Though adulting is far from easy, these tips can help you to realize that you are not alone in your struggles.

Naps Are A Thing Of The Past

Remember in college when you were able to nap once or twice every day? That is no longer an option. If you have a full-time job, you most likely will barely have enough time to be a human being during the week, let alone coming home from work and taking an extra nap. And let’s be real, by the time you get home it’s practically time for bed. On the bright side, no one will make fun of you anymore for going to bed before 11 pm. 

The Food Isn’t Necessarily Better

If you are anything like me, you might not be the best cook. How I wish I enjoyed making something out of nothing, or just had a knack for throwing together a pile of ingredients and creating something edible. But most of my weeks are filled with scavenging crockpot recipes on Pinterest, and doubling it so that it can feed me for four days. I always make sure to have three cans of soup in my pantry, because it is an easy fix on a busy day. The only vegetables I consume come from a steamable bag, and I can buy cake any day that I please. 

Though the food you make is most likely better than your college campuses, it also isn’t prepared and ready-made for you. Trust me, the last thing anyone wants to do when they come home from a day of work is making a full meal. You’ll be extra grateful the next time Mom makes you a home-cooked meal.

Binging Netflix Is Almost Impossible

As much fun as it was to lay in your bed for hours at college and procrastinate your homework with Netflix, this can be harder when adulthood strikes. You suddenly have errands to run, laundry to wash, and cleaning to do. You barely have enough time to go to the gym and have a social life during the week, let alone to watch ten straight episodes of The Office again.

Having A Schedule Is Essential

Once again, if you don’t have a planner, now is a good time to invest. And if you’re extra organized, it might be good to have separate planners for your work and life. It can be tough to no longer have days during the week where you don’t have to work or have any commitments, but you’ll get used to it.  You can still talk to your friends, get your work done, go to the gym, and have some downtime each night. And yes, you don’t have to sacrifice your precious sleep. For tips for getting into a better routine, check out our article here.

You Have Way More Money

But you also have way more bills. If you thought paying for college was bad, think about still paying off college on top of your car payment, apartment payment, grocery shopping, laundry, etc. So start budgeting, ASAP. Open a savings account at your bank to save up for those things that you want each month for your apartment or just to pay off college. Don’t spend all your money on food and online shopping, because your parents are done bailing you out.

Finding Friends Can Be Tough

If you moved away from home or your college town for the first time, you might find yourself surrounded by people you don’t know. And, they may be a lot older than you. Though you may hope to make friends at your new job, they may end up being much older than you, not very nice, or just annoying. Make sure that you take opportunities to put yourself out there and make friends. For tips on making friends when you move, check out our article here. 

Most importantly, don’t lose touch with your college friends no matter how far you are from them. Take the time to invest in your old friends and to seek out new friendships.

School Is Nothing Compared To An Actual Job

Remember when you used to stress out about mid-terms, papers, and assignments? Those were the days. Though college gives you plenty of stress, it doesn’t prepare you for the hard work that your new job is going to be. In school, it wasn’t a big deal if you put off your homework or didn’t study as much as you planned for your test. But, if you don’t prepare for your job, you get fired.  So the next time you hear one of your friends still in college complaining about this semester’s “workload,” try not to laugh.

No More Leggings

Where you the type of student that rolled out of bed to class each day, or worse has worn their pajamas to class? Those days are unfortunately long gone. Though many companies have adapted business casual dressing policies, that doesn’t mean you can wear leggings and a sweatshirt. You will have to invest in some big girl clothing, like flats, pencil skirts, and blouses. But this can also be fun. And think of the great workout your calves will get from wearing heels all time.

It’s Going To Be Hard At First

When you first start your job, it’s going to be terrifying.   You’ll probably be afraid they will fire you every day or when you make your first mistake. But you will get used to it, and soon work will become second nature to you. It’s going to be scary to move into an apartment by yourself, and it can be lonely, but eventually, you will get used to it.

It’s going to be hard to be away from your best friends, but they can still visit, and your relationships don’t have to change. The first week that you work full-time it’s going to feel like you got hit by a bus, but then you will get used to having less time at home each day. 

The first fall you aren’t in college will leave you feeling sad and nostalgic often, but that just means that you had an amazing college experience. Yes, adulting can be hard, but it also has a lot of positives. It’s important to remember that college wasn’t the best years of your life, you have many better times to come.

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