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The Bachelor: How To Pick Up Your Possible Future Prince at a Wedding

While the point of a wedding is to watch either close family and or best friends commit their life to their soulmate, sometimes catching the eye of an eligible bachelor is not always so bad. Actually, many people meet their future husbands and wives at other people’s weddings. It is crazy how a day of love and holy matrimony can turn into an all-around love fest between friends of the groom and bride, depending what they spike the punch with (just kidding).

Now, do not go into a wedding with the intentions of finding your future plus one there. Because what if the only bachelor option is the bride’s widowed grandfather? Desperate times do not call for desperate measures, I can reassure you of that. Rather, go in with these tips in mind. And if you spy a handsome man who is sipping a drink by himself in the corner of the room, and there is no wedding band in sight, then maybe you can use some of these smooth moves to go for it.


5 Things to Remember When Picking Up Single Dudes at Weddings


1. Dress to impress. Just in case.

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Okay. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, DRESS FROM HEAD TO TOE IN SEQUINS. Unless the invitation says otherwise. While you do want to be fabulous and look fantastic, you need to do so in a manner that does not take the eyes off of the bride and in the end, make you look more desperate than anything. Which will not attract any bachelor, I can guarantee it. Rather, wear something classy that flaunts off your curves or accentuates them in a beautiful and bold way. Walk with confidence, and maybe put on a pair of heels to add to the confidence. Remember how good you look, and you are worth more than the drunk douche bags!

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2. Drink and loosen up.

Whether you are a fan of alcohol or not a fan of alcohol, drink something over near the bar, or where the drinks are, for a few minutes and casually be looking around. If a young man sees you standing by yourself at the lemonade or sees you sipping a cocktail by the bar, they will most likely saunter their way on over and try to make casual conversation. If the man is attractive and strikes up conversation, respond back casually as well. And if he asks you to dance or sit with you, then by all means, do so. If you are not initially attracted, still accept the conversation, but decline further action if he tries to do so. Never do more than you are comfortable with!

3. Flash your pearly whites whenever possible.

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When men see you smiling or laughing, close up or from a distance, trust me, they are attracted. Men love seeing women smile. Just like in the movies when the sun hits the protagonist’s face, she smiles with no double chins, and the man in the plot line is instantly in love. This can be you too, even if you are insecure about your double chins! Laugh a lot, and smile! If you are feeling bold, smile at handsome man across the room, or maybe even wink at him. It is these small gestures that really attract them subtly.

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4. Dance it out.

Whether you are a subtle dancer or love to go crazy on the dance floor, picking up men while doing the Cha-Cha Slide can be just the way to do things. If the right man is out there for you, he will love you and your crazy dancing. But if there is a man more attracted to a suave type person when dancing in a subtle manner, then he is out there for you as well. Either way, dance by yourself, or be bold and ask him to dance. If he sees you taking action, he might appreciate the ice breaker more. But if you feel more comfortable dancing and just letting him watch you go nuts during the Electric Slide, then that can be just as effective as well!

5. Mingle and do not be a single Pringle.

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Even if you do not end up with the man of your dreams at the end of the night, the least thing you can do is make some new friends in the process. So whenever you have the chance, chat it up with the person next to you on the dance floor. Or make light conversation with the man sitting next to you at your table. If you spot a man across the room and somehow manage to catch his eye, then make your way on over and chat with him. You could start off by saying, “Are you having a good time?” or “Who do you know in the wedding?”. Always be sure to introduce yourself, so he knows exactly who you are and can stalk you on Facebook when he gets home. If you are feeling bold, ask for his number! And if not, just know you will do some stalking on your part when you get home!

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