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Bridesmaids, Look No Further! Here Are Ten Tips On Planning The Best Bachelorette Party Ever!

The bride plans the wedding, the whole shebang, she usually has help from family and friends with all of her things that need to be planned. But what about the duties of her bridal party? All on their own they should plan a memorable shower, maybe with the brides mom and soon to be mother-in-law, if they so choose; And they should also plan a totally awesome and fun bachelorette party! A bachelorette party allows the bride to have one last round of fun as a single lady. How do you throw the best gosh darn bachelorette party every? With these ten tips, of course!


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Not only will you need ID with whatever you are planning on doing, but you will also need to identify what your budget is, and it’s also fun to have identification as to who you actually are, which role you play, in the bridal party. Something that makes you stand out; shirts, a crown, a sash, be creative! Have shirts made or make your own! Making your own can be part of the whole group activity and can be a fun keepsake for everyone later on. Sometimes including you name, how you know the bride or what part you play in the wedding, and the amount of time that you’ve known the bride is a fun way to identify whom everyone is.


Make sure you prepare for the events of the day or night. If you will need a place to stay, make sure you book a room to stay in. If you need to make reservations, find out when they need to be made or how far in advance they need to be booked. Figure out payment, who is going to pay, how you’re going to pay. Is this a collaboration between a group of you? Just be sure to have everything prepared and ready to go so the day (and night) runs smoothly!


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Would a theme be necessary for what you’ve got planned? Does it fit in the budget? Does the bride really love the beach? Incorporate a beach theme into the night; wear seashell necklaces and drink from coconuts. Does she really have a thing for hair and makeup? Go get your hair and make-up done! Make it a theme that is easy to do and will be acceptable to the bride. Also make sure it is acceptable to the budget! Reuse items from other parties or events that you may have had in the past; Reusing a theme isn’t a crime, it can be just as fun the second time around!


The bride is her own person and I am sure she has things that she knows that she likes to do. Does she like to go wine tasting? Take her on a wine tasting event that she will never forget with the people she loves most. Does she like shopping? Take her out, explore the city, and shop away! Incorporating the brides interest in to her day of celebration will mean a lot to her and show that you took the time to plan this out.


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Will you do a bridal shower and then a bachelorette party for her on the same day? Will they be on separate days? Will you be going to multiple locations? Let the whole group know when all plans are finalized by printing out a an itinerary so everyone is on the page and is able to be where they need to be on time. If this is a surprise for the bride, don’t let her get her hands on that list! Keep her guessing throughout the night, it’s more fun that way!


Ask the bride what who she would like to celebrate with before the wedding, she will know that you are going to have something up your sleeve for the shower and/or the bachelorette party, but let that be the only thing she plays a part in for either event. Take some stress off of her and just let her have a good evening of fun without having to plan yet another event.


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Can you play games at a bachelorette party? Of course you can! Depending on what you’ve got planned, you may play board games… But more than likely you will want some fun, ice-breaker games to play with the group of girls invited. Play a game of “how well do you know the bride”, this one is tricky, this will be a list of questions asked over a period of time to get answers for this game so the bride doesn’t know what is going on or have a chance to figure it out! Have a scavenger hunt while you’re out on the town; prepare a list of thing you will need to find throughout the night and whomever finds them first, wins!

Keepsakes and Prizes

For games that have an end result, such as a winner, make sure you have prizes! Make sure your prizes are totally awesome and usable in real life. This can eliminate some cost if you are having trouble considering your budget. Have prizes like, nail polish or a small gift card to go out and eat. If you want to make your prizes into a keepsake, have glasses or mugs made. There is always a need for things like that around the kitchen and they are a fun and cute way to have everyone remember that night. Your keepsake could also be a necklace or a teeshirt. Keep in mind, if you have teeshirts make, you can also wear them the morning of the wedding. They look cute in pictures and are a neat reminder of how much fun was actually had!


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Take them. Lots of them. Put on the itinerary where everyone should send the pictures they take that night so that you can make a memory book or print them out for the bride to have them. If you’ve got enough in your budget, hire a photographer so you don’t have to worry about managing the photos later, remember to give the photographer your itinerary so they know where to be and when. Hiring a photographer isn’t necessary, but it is a fun way to make a timeline to remembering the events and the night as a whole.

The Groom!

The groom? What does the groom have to do with a bachelorette party you ask? Well nothing except for making his bride feel uber special! Have him plan a small little surprise, such as sending flowers to dinner or sending a note with a small gift to the hotel where you’re staying. This puts an extra special touch on the whole night and makes the bride feel extra special. The groom doesn’t necessarily need to be there in person, but just something small will make a whole world of difference.

Planning a bachelorette party can be tricky, but when you have the right tools and knowledge, it’s easy as easy can be! Ask for help from all the girls (and the groom) and fly! Whatever you plan, the bride will admire what you’ve done and how you’ve done it. Enjoy your time thinking it over and happy planning!



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