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9 Fall Fashion Ideas That Will Make You Long For Autumn Weather

Get ready for sweater weather.

The air is getting colder, school is back in session, and Starbucks is just about to release their pumpkin spice latte, that can only mean one thing, fall is almost here.  And with so many backs to school sales and labor day deals just around the corner, you need to know what outfits are going to make you look fashion-forward this fall. So what are some ideas that we have for you?

Blanket Scarves

These are the perfect cozy fall accessory. Blanket scarves have taken off in the past two years, and this fall will be no exception. Try pairing it with a longer cardigan, a t-shirt or sweater dress, or a chambray shirt. You really can’t go wrong with including any blanket scarf into a fall look. Try to pick fall colors like burgundy, greens, tans, and browns, or be different and try blanket scarves that incorporate brighter colors.

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Nothing screams fall fashion more like your favorite weathered flannel shirt. And don’t be afraid to go for a baggy men’s flannel for extra comfort. Flannels are great with jeans, vests, and leggings. Have fun wearing this fashion statement all fall long.

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Honestly, most vests don’t do much for you in the area of warmth, but they do add a lot to a simple outfit. Vests can drastically dress up an outfit or tone it down. Try to wear a vest with a crew neck sweatshirt, flannels, any woven shirt, and any sweater. This is an accessory that can be added last minute to complete any fall outfit.

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Ankle Boots 

I wanted to say just boots in general, but we all know that all styles of boots come out in the fall. Ankle booties are great to wear with dresses and dress pants. They can also double up to be worn during all seasons because they aren’t taking up your entire leg.

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High Boots

Every fashion forward lady knows that fall automatically means high brown boots. But high boots of any color are a great thing to wear as the weather starts to cool down. Try out black, taupe, gray, in addition to your traditional brown boot. Feel free to wear these with jeans, skirts, and even leggings.

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Wovens Under Sweaters

Now, this might be a look that’s a little too preppy for some of you ladies, but nothing is better than keeping warm on a fall day with an Oxford or woven shirt that is tucked in under a sweater. This fall outfit pairs well with statement necklaces, scarves, and vests. So have a little fun this fall, mix and matching your favorite sweaters and wovens.

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Heavier Dresses/Skirts

I know that you can wear dresses and skirts virtually any time of the year, but fall temperature is ideal for your favorite pantsless look. From cotton long sleeved dresses to knit skirts and sweater dresses, you can’t go wrong rocking a dress during any part of fall.

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Oversized/ Long Cardigans

Honestly, just any cardigan, in general, is the perfect fall fashion look. But the recent trend has been to spice up the traditional cardigan by wearing a longer cardigan that goes to the knees. Whatever length you like your cardigan, you can be confident that it will be the perfect fall look. Try pairing your casual cardigan with a woven underneath, a statement necklace, a colorful t-shirt, or a scarf. Leggings are encouraged but not required.

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Crew Neck Sweatshirts

This is my favorite casual fall look. Nothing is better on a Saturday of fall than throwing on a crew-neck sweatshirt from your alma mater, high school, or a favorite brand and rocking it around all day. Pair it with a chunky scarf, vest, or hat, to solidify the look.

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I hope you enjoyed our journey through the best of fall fashion. Have a suggestion? Let us know below!


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