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At Last, The Secret To Great, Easy Sleep for Moms Everywhere

For first time moms, nursing sleepwear may not seem that important, especially since you may have little to no experience about the matter yet. But finding the right type of nursing sleepwear can be crucial to getting a good night's sleep. Whether you are looking for style, comfort, or ease of access, we have got you covered.

Here are some of the best nursing sleepwear sets that you should check out. Not a nursing sleepwear kind of gal? No biggie. Along with our picks of some favorite nursing sleepwear sets, we have listed some of the best non-traditional methods to nursing at night in comfort as well.

1. Nursing Nighties And Robe Combos

Nursing sleepwear no longer has to be ugly and drab. With all the options available out there, you can find some nursing sleepwear that is not only comfortable but cute as well. If you are in the market for nursing sleepwear with an added zing of style, then be on the lookout for nursing sleepwear nightie and robe combos. Not only will they keep you comfortable all night long, but nursing nighties are getting cuter by the season it seems. Check out this adorable style from Jessica Simpson’s collection.

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Jessica Simpson Nightie And Robe Combo

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This cute nightie from Jessica Simpson’s collection is perfect for the pregnant or nursing mom. The spaghetti strap clip down nightie makes it easy and effortless to nurse at night. A bonus is that it can easily pass as a summer dress. The cute pattern is perfect and quickly dispels the notion that you nursing mothers have to dress in unappealing attire. This nightgown has a relaxed fit due to the fact that the material used is Rayon and Spandex. Not only is it comfortable, but you may even forget you are wearing it in the first place. Pair it with the Jessica Simpson Lace Maternity robe, and you may never want to get out of the nightie ever again.

Motherhood Maternity Women's Lace Trim Nursing Nightgown
  • Stylish nightgown that can be worn throughout your pregnancy and beyond. The perfect gown for your hospital stay, lounging around the house, or for the nursing mom
  • Offers clip down nursing function for easy and convenient access for the breastfeeding mother
  • Sleeveless chemise gown with built-in cups, clip down nursing function, and scalloped lace at neckline

2. Padded Clip Down Bra 

If skin to skin contact with your baby is what you are looking for, then consider purchasing a padded clip down bra. Some nursing moms look for nursing sleepwear that will give them an extra opportunity to bond with their baby. Sleeping in a padded clip down bra is the best way to go then. There is a variety of clip down nursing bras on the market check right now. Check out this one from destination maternity.

Motherhood Maternity Women's Maternity Average Busted Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra
  • This seamless bra is a customer favorite for both expecting and new moms. The soft fabric, seamless design, and full coverage provides comfort and support all day long
  • The adjustable strap and clip down nursing feature offers comfort and ease for the breastfeeding mother
  • Lightly lined average busted, full coverage seamless nursing bra with clip down function. Center front has ribbed stitch which creates slight shirring at bust and bottom band of bra is ribbed. There is a hook and eye closure and removable cups

Destination Maternity Clip Down Nursing Bra

This sleek, seamless clip down nursing bra from Destination Maternity is perfect for nursing moms who are looking for skin to skin contact with their little one. This seamless bra is the top rated bra that the Destination Maternity line sells and it’s no surprise why. This nursing sleepwear is soft and comfortable with enough support to get you through the night. Not only that, but you can start wearing this as soon as you enter your last stage in pregnancy before the baby gets here. The bra grows with you so you can always find the right fit. This padded clip down nursing bra is made out of nylon and spandex which makes it as comfortable as it is practical. Get this nursing sleepwear if you want to nurse at night with ease.

Nursing Sleepwear Pajama Sets

Pregnancy and motherhood can have a way of making us feel drab and attractive at times. Put this notion to the side by getting some cute maternity sleepwear and nursing sleepwear that will give you a nice pick me up when you need it. Look for a comfortable pajama set that will do double duty. You will want to look for a pair that can double up as a maternity outfit in your last stage of pregnancy as well as a nursing sleepwear outfit for when your little one arrives. For a cute, comfortable style that is equally versatile, check out some of the sleepwear from the Majamas nursing sleepwear line.

Majamas Women's Maternity Lacey Cropped Mj-Picante
  • Pull aside nursing access makes feedings easy
  • Breast pad pockets in the top

The Majamas Genna Maternity and Nursing PJ Set

Credit: Majamas

This cute pregnancy nursing set from the Majamas collection has everything you need well before your baby gets here. If you are looking for a set that you can start wearing in your final stages of pregnancy, then this set is for you. Enjoy 24/7 easy access feeding with this short sleeve v-neck wrap around top. Underneath, there is a discreet padded inner nursing bra that is lightweight yet super supportive. The elastic underband on the bra and pants is perfect for your changing body. This nursing sleepwear set comes in a variety of colors as well.  So you can get your hands on the style that is most suited for you.

Alternative Nursing Sleepwear

Don’t underestimate the power of a tank top. While traditional nursing sleepwear can be comfortable for some, that is not always the case. The latching and unlatching of nursing sleepwear can be cumbersome and annoying for some new moms. If this describes you, then here are some non-traditional methods of nursing sleepwear that can just as quickly get you through the night.

Tank Tops

Don't underestimate the power of a good tank top. Tank tops can be exceptionally versatile for nursing moms. Merely latch your baby on when it’s feeding time, then tuck yourself back in when the feeding is done. The best type of tank top to nurse in tends to be spaghetti strapped nursing tops. They make access to nursing easy and effortless. If you want to give this method a try, then you may want to do so after you have stopped leaking milk through the night. Otherwise, you will want to add nursing pads to the inside of your tank top to help keep any leakage away.

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V Neck Tee Shirt

V neck tee shirts are another excellent alternative to nursing sleepwear. The V neck shape makes access to snack time for your little one comfortable and effortless too. When you are shopping around for v neck tee shirts, look for ones that are relatively tight. This will help you attach nursing pads into your v neck to keep any leakage at bay. As an added dose of measure, you may want to keep a couple of v neck tee shirts handy just in case you do leak through the night.

Button down tank

A button down tank top or button down robe is another excellent alternative if you are shopping for nursing sleepwear. Button down sleeping tanks are perfect if you are nursing during the winter months. The material of many button down sleeping robes are perfect for keeping you warm throughout the night. If you are nursing during the summer months, then look for button down tank tops instead. Being able to unbutton down will allow your baby easy access, but it will also provide them with some much needed skin to skin contact.

What To Avoid

While it can be fun shopping for nursing sleepwear, there are some things to keep your eye out for and avoid. Here are some of the top things to look out for when you are picking out your non-traditional nursing sleepwear.

Avoid tight bras

Wearing tight bras to bed such as sports bras can do a lot of harm. If you try sleeping in a tight bra or sports bra, you risk your baby latching on incorrectly. An incorrect latch can cause fussiness and hunger that is sure to keep you and your baby up all night.

Avoid Wire Mesh Bras

Wearing a traditional non-nursing bra to bed when you are a nursing mom is as unpleasant as it sounds. For starters, your bra may not fit you as well due to your expanding and contracting breasts. A bra that is supported with a mesh underwire will not be able to stretch for you. This can cause considerable discomfort at night. Not only that, but if you try to pull up or pull down your bra so you can breastfeed, you risk cutting off proper milk circulation.

When this happens, you run the risk of clogging a milk duct. Plugged milk ducts are no fun especially since if gone untreated, they can lead to more severe annoyances such as mastitis. For the first couple of months, post pregnancy at least, you will want to ditch the mesh underwire bra.

Burp Cloths

If you do choose to sleep in a loose tee or v neck at night, then you will want to keep some spare burp cloths on hand. The early weeks and even early months post birth bring with them leaky breasts. If you are a nursing mother, you know this all too well. While it is comfortable sleeping in a nice tee, waking up to a wet chest is not. Keep some extra burp cloths at hand during the night in case you need to blot out any leaking.

Choose Cotton

Whatever nursing sleepwear you settle one, one of the best rules of thumb is to choose cotton. As opposed to other synthetic materials such as polyester, cotton is a natural material that is super absorbent and breathable. Enjoy the comfort and smoothness of cotton by shopping for nursing sleepwear (traditional and not) that is made out of cotton material.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for comfort, style, or ease of access, there is a type of nursing sleepwear that is available for everyone. For some nursing moms, it may work best to use traditional nursing sleepwear like clip down bras in the beginning, then transition out of them later on.

For other moms, sleeping in a tank top or tee shirt from day one might be the way to go. Whatever style of nursing sleepwear you settle on, keep your comfort as a priority. Your little one may not be letting you get enough sleep during the night. There is no reason your nursing sleepwear should either. Let us know your favorite type of nursing sleepwear in the comments below!

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