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How To Pick A Wedding Dress That Is Perfect For Your Body Type

Get a wedding dress that shows your best assets.

Have you started looking for your dream dress? Or, maybe you’re still waiting for Mr. Right but love everything to do with wedding dresses? Either way, in this article we will unpack the most popular styles of wedding dresses today and which are the most flattering for each body type. So, let’s dive right in!

Different Wedding Dress Styles

Ball Gown

wedding dress

When we think of a bride, many of us envision a girl looking like Cinderella as she prepares to walk down the aisle. The full skirt, smaller top, and excess of tulle are what we expect of a traditional bride. However, this is not the best look for every bride.

Perfect for: A bride who has fewer curves and maybe even a more boyish figure. The big ball gown and cinched waist will help give you a flattering shape.

Bad for: Petite brides. It can be too easy to be completely swallowed up by the big skirt and tulle.

Also, plus sized brides. The bigger skirt does nothing to flatter your curves and can make you look larger than you are. 


wedding dress

Want to look sexy and chic on your wedding day? Then a mermaid dress might be perfect for you. These dresses are made exactly as they sound, like a mermaid’s figure. They are tight and fitted at the top, and then flow out at the knee into a skirt.

Perfect for: Brides with curves or a great hour glass shape. This will accentuate the shape of your body, which many brides like.

Bad for: Any bride that doesn’t like anything too tight or form-fitting. Also, if you tend to be more self-conscious of your body shape, this dress is not going to be very forgiving.

So if you want to display what your momma gave you tastefully, the mermaid style is a great option.


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This dress style is a traditional and popular choice for many brides today. It is a comfortable skirt that is smaller at the top and then follows the shape of your body in the shape of an A. This is a flattering style that works well for most brides. If you are looking for a classy, comfortable, and flattering dress style, an A-line is a great option.

Perfect for: Most brides. Just know yourself and if you would be happy wearing this style of dress.

Bad for: Really, no one.

Drop Waist

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Do you want to be a little different with your wedding dress choice, but not too crazy? Then a drop waist wedding dress might be just what you’re looking for. This dress moves the waist line from where your natural waist is, and puts it slightly below, hugging your hips and thighs.

Perfect for: Brides that want to showcase their trimmer stomachs or cleavage area.

Bad for: Curvy brides. The drop waist tends not to shed as much light on your natural curve area. Also, most brides should be cautious. A drop waist is a very specific look and can be unflattering on certain body types. 


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Want a form fitting dress that is a little more comfortable to move in than a mermaid? Then the trumpet dress style is perfect for you. This dress combines the A-line shape, with the skirt flaring out at your knees or calves.

Perfect for: Brides that want to accentuate their curves and body shape and be comfortable at the same time.

Bad for: Self-conscious brides that might be uncomfortable showing all the shapes and curves of their body. Everything will be out there for your guests to see, so make sure that you feel confident and beautiful in it before you say I do.

Other Elements To Consider

Within all these styles of dresses, there are also accessories and pieces that can be altered to fit your body type better. For example, a mermaid dress could have a sweetheart neckline or fitted sleeves. So, you might want to consider what details of the dress are important to you before you say yes.

Back vs. No Back

Should you have a sexy backless dress or a beautiful keyhole back? Both are great options. Backless dresses are best for brides that want to show more skin tastefully, don’t have any major blemishes on their backs, and who wear a more fitted dress.

Having a back, is perfect for the more traditional bride, for colder weather in the fall and winter, and for someone is not going to slouch on their big day. Nothing looks worse than a beautiful bride slouching in a keyhole back.

Straps Or Strapless

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Should you go with any of the variety of straps out there, or go strapless with something like a sweetheart neckline? Once again, the choice is yours. If you are a busty bride and don’t want it to all hangout, going with straps might be the best option for you, but also remember that your wedding dress will be fitted to your body shape. That means you’ll be less likely to “pop” out of your dress or feel like you will than with a regular dress you would buy at a store. Also, if you tend to have smaller shoulders, cap sleeves, one sleeve, or tank top sleeves can help you to not look so small up top.

It is about which makes you more comfortable, and which one will stay up when you’re dancing during the reception. It is also a good decision to factor in the time of year you are getting married to see if you would like to include straps or not.


Full Sleeveswedding dress

Many people might think that the only person that would wear a short sleeved or long-sleeved wedding dress are not allowed to show as much skin because of a religious reason or just come from an uber conservative family. That is not the case any longer. Brides wearing short and long sleeves have recently been all the rage. Once again, consider what time of year you are going to get married, long sleeves might be perfect for winter, but too hot for summer.

Short vs. Long

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There are people out there that would never dream of trying on a short wedding dress, while others are very open to the idea. Short dresses can look just as bridal and fancy as long dresses, and might be more comfortable for you to move around in during the reception and throughout the day. Short dresses are also a great alternative for that bride who has already been married but still wants to have a wedding dress. However, a long dress is going to undoubtedly make you feel more bridal just because it is much more common. Make sure that you consider both options before you go dress shopping.

In conclusion, there are both major and minor decisions that go into deciding on the style and small details of your wedding dress. The main thing is to find a dress that you love, feel confident in, and that you can see yourself marrying the love of your life in. Don’t be afraid to try out different wedding dress styles before you settle on the one you like best. I know that whatever type of dress you decide on, your husband-to-be will have eyes only for you on your wedding day.

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