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The Do’s and Don’ts When You Are A Bride-to-Be At A Wedding

Weddings are a lot of work but are totally fun at the same time. There’s the whole sending out invitations thing, getting a location and caterers, you get the picture. These tasks can overwhelm anyone! It is especially an exciting experience for you as the bride-to-be, but is not easy. And sometimes, you will get lost in trying to organize the best wedding possible that you will get frustrated and frankly, you may just want to give up.
But if you get invited to a friend’s wedding, or even better you are in the wedding, this can actually be a blessing, not a curse! If you are overwhelmed with planning, you get to see firsthand someone else’s wedding and observe their ideas and ask them questions. But even though some brides enjoy being in their friend’s wedding, or attending them, some other bride-to-be’s do not use proper etiquette when attending these weddings. Therefore, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind if you are a bride-to-be in a bridal party, that is not yours!

The Do’s

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1. Observe how things work!

Planning a wedding and the way things play out on the wedding day are two completely different things. You may want to walk down the aisle to a specific song but by mistake, the DJ forgets to update his list. It is important that you observe which songs are most common, the speed at which the bride walks to the song, and the quality of sound in a reception room for your band to get excellent acoustics.

Observe how comfortable the bride is in her shoes and the location. Most brides want to wear stilettos but go on to choose a garden wedding. Therefore, the thin heel will keep digging into the mud. Try and observe all things that are not going well so that you can avoid them. If it is a relative’s wedding, look at the sitting arrangements especially for your parent’s guests. The family may have a tradition you are not aware of. Familiarize yourself with such expected courtesies before everything goes south in your wedding.

2. Ask for the suppliers’ contacts.

If your wedding is still in its early stages, attending a wedding is the best thing that could happen to you. A wedding is like a wedding expo, only better because the experience is real. If you like what the decorators have done, get their number. If the florists were able to get rare flowers for this wedding, they would totally do the same for you.

The bride is not the best person to ask on her big day because she will obviously be stressed out and saying hi to every one of her guests. Look for the person calling the shots. In most cases, it will be the wedding planner or a bride’s friend running around. Just ask for business cards so you do not take up anyone’s time if you are interested in a specific vendor.

3. Behave like a guest.

Being a bride-to-be is very exciting. You will probably feel the need to remind people your day is coming as your friend’s day comes to an end. If you have any mutual friends at the wedding, do not continually remind them about your wedding. They are there to enjoy your friend’s wedding.

Do not go around flashing people with the rock on your own finger. Behave like all the other guests! This point may seem fairly obvious, but you would not believe how many other women will turn someone else’s important day into an attention fest. Behave like a regular guest and be patient for your own day.

The Don’ts

1. Do not invite people to your wedding.

If you share a lot of mutual friends with the couple getting married, most of your friends are bound to be there. Do not start handing out wedding invitations at their wedding. Wait until the bride and groom leave, and then you can invite your friends. Even then, doing it subtly and do not draw a lot of attention to yourself.

You can also just ask for their addresses or contacts in conversations then invite them to your wedding later. Just remember, this day is not about you! And the last thing you want to do is steal the attention away and have a jealous bride on your hands. You would not want it done to you, so do not do it to the other bride.

2. Try not to compare you wedding to their wedding.

Being a bride-to-be, you should have a fair amount of knowledge on weddings. But it can be hard to be at another wedding if you are insecure about your own wedding planning. You will see a lot of choices in the wedding that you would not do. Just remember that people are different, and so are their tastes.

If you do not like their color combination, avoid the urge to tell the next person what would have looked best. Especially if you are next to a lady who knows your wedding is next. Do not annoy her with your wedding rants! But even more than that, do not second guess your wedding if this bride has something bigger and better then you do! Every wedding is different. If you do not like something, just take note, and avoid it at your wedding.

3. Do not take part in the catching of the bride’s bouquet. Just don’t do it.

This should seem pretty obvious, but once again, there are some crazy bride-to-be’s out there. You are already engaged, so do not join the other women as they participate in the traditional catching of the bouquet. It will be awkward if you do not catch it, and you will just look like an attention hog. Leave this activity for those without boyfriends or fiances. Geez.

4. Do not copy the entire wedding.

As much as you are window shopping for ideas for your wedding, do not copy everything from the wedding. Each bride strives to make their wedding unique. It would be incredibly awkward and awful for them to attend your wedding and find that it is an exact replica of their wedding. You can get ideas from them, but do not use their entire theme and go along with it. Make sure to add your own twist on things!


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