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The Gifs of Planning Your Guest List

Planning your guest list is a major part of your wedding, therefore causing major stress on you. Here are some gifs that every bride can relate to that pertain to the stages of planning who and who not to invite to your wedding.

The Honeymoon Phase

Oh the joys of the honeymoon phase when everything about your wedding seems fun! You were not entirely wrong in thinking that, but assuming that planning your guest list will be a walk in the park was a big mistake. In this phase, everything is just fine and dandy and nothing can dim your sparkle.

The Realization

That moment when it suddenly dawns on you that you have to put together a list of everyone that you have ever known or spoken to.  During this time you are still optimistic, but the fear of wedding planning is starting to sink in.

The “Talk”

When you and your fiancé put your guests lists together and have to have the “talk” that you might not be able to invite everyone on your lists.

The Point of Giving up

You realize that you are in way over your head and all that you want to do is quit. Who needs guests at a wedding anyway? Why don’t you just elope? No, you want a wedding and it is literally tearing you apart.

The Call to Mom

You are overwhelmed, emotional, and most likely sleep deprived, you pick up the phone and talk to the only human on this planet that can make this situation, and you, better. You call your mom and spill your guts out and ask her to help you and tell you that it will all be worth it in the end.

The Calculations

Your call to mom gave you confidence and a boost of energy to focus on your wedding planning. You begin to make the calculations of how many people you can invite and how many you have to invite. You can do this.

The Making of the List

You realize that you can’t invite everyone so you start the list of who and who not to invite.  This can be a painful list to make because you are going to have to say no to people that may have expected to come, which can be awkward.

The Crazy Joy

The moment that you finish the list you feel like a million bucks. There should be a trophy for a person who finishes their guest list.

The Mailing of Letters

Now that you have done the amazing feat of finishing your guest list, you now have the goal of mailing everything out. This is the time that you feel your fingers falling off and tongue becoming numb from preparing all of the envelopes and invitations.

The Dance Party

The guest list is made, the letters are sent, and you are left sitting on your couch in shock that it is all over. The shock doesn’t last too long until you are overcome with happiness and a need to dance.

The Best “Thank You” Ever

Fiancé has been busy doing other things while you have been planning the guest list. When he sees all that you have done and looks you in the eyes and says “thank you”, you realize that it is all worth it because you are marrying your best friend soon!

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