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The Perfect Wedding Footwear According to Your Zodiac Sign

Love checking your horoscope to see what your week, month, or year will look like? Well we won’t tell you that, but we will show you the shoes that best fit your zodiac sign!


(December 22nd-January 21st)

Practical and independent, a Capricorn will most likely want wedding footwear that they can use again and that does not fit the traditional wedding mold. Cute Converse or Toms are the perfect footwear for a Capricorn who does not want to spend $100 on stilettos that they will most likely never wear again.


(January 22nd-February 21st)

Known for being creative and exciting, the Aquarius bride will think out-of-the-box when picking out her wedding footwear. So obviously they will go for a unique heel that seems to defy the laws of gravity. These unique heels are perfect for the creative Aquarius and her exciting wedding day.


(February 22nd-March 21st)

Pisces are known for their imagination and romantic personalities, so these shoes are the perfect match for them. Combining both tradition white wedding shoes with a dreamy chiffon fabric for a bow tied across the front, a Pisces bride would be totally stoked to wear these heels on their wedding day.


(March 22nd-April 21st)

An Aries bride is strong and independent and whose style is fashion forward and classic. These lace booties are the best choice for an Aries bride to where because of how trendy they are and how they seem to scream “I’m and independent woman who has a PhD in Biomedical Psychology which I am using to cure cancer.”


(April 22nd-May 21st)

A Taurus bride will chose an understated, yet fashionable choice of wedding footwear. Heels that have beautiful detail on them are right up the Taurus’ alley. Not only are they gorgeous, but they also are sophisticated enough to tickle the Taurus’ fancy.


(May 22nd-June 21st)

A natural flirt, the fun loving Gemini bride will jump at the opportunity to wear these heels on her wedding day. Having detail work that goes up to her ankle, she will feel stylish and look incredibly charming with the great details. Unique Gemini will want to wear these shoes every day of her life because of their eccentric, fun look.


(June 22nd-July 21st)

Wanting a more traditional look for her wedding day, a Cancer will go for a classy a timeless lace material on her wedding shoes. These shoes will  perfectly show and accentuate her romantic side that will be sure to be glowing on her wedding day.


(July 22nd-August 21st)

A Leo bride deserves a pair of shoes that is as dramatic and eclectic as she is! These bejeweled high heels are sure to fit Leo’s style because of all the sparkle and glam they emanate. Leo will be able to double her shoes as a back-up disco ball if need be because of how shiny and huge the gems are that detail the wedding shoe.


(August 22nd-September 21st)

A free-spirited, fun loving bride, Virgo will go for a wedding footwear look that is all her own. Free from being constrained and preventing smelly feet, a Virgo bride will love the idea of walking almost barefoot down the aisle in these stylish, boho wedding almost-shoes.


(September 22nd-October 21st)

Conservative Libra will want wedding footwear that matches her sophisticated personality.Wanting a little bit of visual interest, but not to much, a Libra bride will tend to a classical wedding shoe with just a touch of individualism and personality.


(October 22nd-November 21st)

Scorpios are natural dare devils who go for sexy, shiny things, so why should there choice in wedding shoes be any different? These sequin stilettos scream scorpio because of how sexy and sparkly they are. A Scorpio bride who wears these wedding shoes will be the life of the party while tearing it up on the dance floor.


(November 22nd-December 21st)

Sweet, whimsical Sagittarius bride will appreciate the finer details in these wedding shoes. Combining a cute peep-toe with a floral ankle wrap, these wedding shoes fit the Sagittarius bride to a T. The playful and adorable nature of these shoes will make an Sagittarius bride happy.

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