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The Pros and Cons of Choosing Having A Saturday Wedding

Weddings are big, glamorous parties, with the added bonus of being a witness to two souls joining together as one. Brides work their booty off to make this day magical and special for all that attend. But what is the best day to actually have a wedding? Most would say a weekend wedding is the most convenient, but what are the pros and cons of a weekend wedding?

The Pros


Work or Lack Thereof

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You work so hard for your big day and most all of us work full time jobs, so a Saturday wedding guarantees that almost all of your guests will not have to worry about requesting off for work. Most businesses are Monday through Friday 9 to 5. Lucky for you and them!


Because guests don’t have to work, they are more likely able to travel a further distance to get to your location. They will also be likely to stay at your wedding and reception longer than if your wedding was on a week day due to not having anything planned for the next day.

Wedding Prep

With a weekend wedding, you’ll more than likely have a full day to prep at your venue; and depending on your venue, you may even have Friday evening to set up too. Getting all your decorations set up, everything prepared for your guests, and set for your nuptials is a lot of work! You’ll want all day to be able to prepare for your day. Those small details really get you!

The Cons


You Will Be BUSY

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You will be busy. You’ll be overwhelmed with everything you have to do and get done with the amount of time you’ll have. A weekend wedding will make your day a full entire day of nothing but set up, hair and makeup, and smiling. By the end of the day, you will be exhausted from all the things you have done.


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Weekends are typically more expensive because they are a more popular days and more in demand. These days are typically booked at a quicker rate; The pros usually outweigh the cons on this one just because of the convenience.


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As you set your date and start calling different venues, depending on when or how far your date is out, your date for your venue may not be available. Thus, leading to frustration in booking some key and major details of your big day.

Weddings are meant to be a celebration of two people coming together as one, working uber hard to pull everything off in time for your big day can be tricky. But once that day arrives, you want everything to be perfect. Whichever day you choose, your day will turn out wonderfully, just weigh your pros and cons to judge which day will fit you the best as a couple and as a family.


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