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The Secret Behind Giving Plus Ones

You have finally had to address the ever dreaded question that creeps up on you, how do you decide who to give a plus one to? Hoe do you withhold a plus one without getting someone’s feelings hurt or start a family feud? Take a deep breath and follow these tips that will help you to decide who and who not to give plus ones to.

Be Consistent

In order to prevent your guests from getting their underwear in a twist, be consistent with who does and does not get a plus one. For example, you main rule is that no one who has not been in a relationship for longer than a year gets a plus one, this helps cut out a lot of plus ones, but if you allowed your friend Rita to bring her latest flavor of the month to your wedding, you may get some grief from everyone else.

What Can You Afford?

If you have a very tight wedding budget, it may be a good idea to limit plus ones to only the bridal party or cut them out of the wedding all together. Being able to pay for your wedding is more important than letting you second cousins bring their boyfriends and girlfriends to your wedding.




All Married Couples

It is an obvious yes to give plus ones to all of your friends and family who are married or engaged. Unless they are married or engaged to a psychopath, be sure to extend a plus one to anyone who is with their partner for the long run.

No Minors

Do not plan on giving plus ones to anyone under 18 going to your wedding. It isn’t far fetched to guess that your fourteen-year-old cousin Lindsay and her boyfriend Chad will be dating next year, or even next month, so our advice to avoid giving free plus ones to minors.

Make Little Exceptions

Try to make as little exceptions from the rules you put forth for plus ones. This will help cause little conflict. So go ahead and don’t feel bad about letting George bring his girlfriend that he has been dating for a couple of months, but keep it on the down low.

Everyone Else?

At most weddings, it is common to let an adult guest invite a special someone as a plus one to a wedding, but do not feel pressured to follow this trend unless you are financially capable of it. At the end of the day this is your wedding and you can make your own choice on who and who not to let your guests invite.

Deciding who can have a plus one at your wedding can be a difficult thing to resolve, but with consistency and decisiveness, you will be able to make a decision. All in all, your guests will be going to your wedding so see you and your fiancé tie the knot, not going to show off their special friend who they just met at the gym a month beforehand.

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