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The Shoe Game: Everything You Need to Know About This Fun Fad!

Receptions are one of the best parts about weddings (other than the actual marriage and ceremony itself, obviously). People can dance the night away, enjoy catching up with friends that they have not seen in years, play yard games (depending on the venue), and leisurely enjoy the cocktails. And while the bride and groom entertain their guests by talking and dancing with each and every one of them, there is another way the newlyweds can entertain their friends and family.

The Shoe Game is a fun new twist on wedding reception entertainment. If you are confused about The Shoe Game, let me elaborate a bit on it. The bride and groom sit back to back on chairs. Each will give each other one of their shoes (side note: if brides need ideas on some awesome shoes for your big day, click here) and hold it in their hand, and then will hold their own shoe in the opposite hand. Someone will ask the couple a series of “Who” questions, and whichever person the bride or groom thinks goes best with that question (Ex: Who drives the fastest?), they will raise the shoe of that person, whether it be themselves or their significant other.

You get the picture.

This is always a funny game because of the bride and groom’s different responses and answers. If you are interested in playing the different and entertaining game, then check out some of the questions below that you can use when being asked about your better half!

Shoe Game Questions:


1. Who made the first move?


2. Who has the more creative side?


3. Who spends more money?


4. Who makes more money?


5. Who is the best kisser?


6. Who is more likely to mow the lawn?


7. Who was a better student in school?


8. Who is the messiest?


9. Who has the worst morning breath?


Couple and Morning Breath

Image Source:

10. Who does more shopping?


11. Who drives the fastest?


12. Who has gotten in more car accidents? Or is more likely to get in a car accident?


13. Who said I love you first?


14. Who is the first to apologize during a fight?


15. Who cooks the best?


16. Who pays the bills?


17. Who wears the pants in the relationship?


18. Who will wear the pants in the relationship now that you are married?


19. Who gets the most tan?


20. Who sunburns the easiest?


Image Source:

Image Source:

21. Who is more directionally impaired?


22. Who is the best at keeping secrets?


23. Who has the craziest family?


24. Who has the weirdest family?


25. Who dresses the best?


26. Who has the most clothes?


27. Who has the most shoes?


28. Who will have control over the TV remote?


29. Who is more likely to be a neat and clean freak? Or who is the neat and clean freak?


30. Who wants to have more children?


31. Who wants kids sooner?


32. Who is more likely to drive on a long road trip?


33. Who will kill a spider, centipede, or other gross insect first?


34. Who is more like their mom?


35. Who is more like their dad?


36. Who is the loudest?


37. Who is the quietest?


38. Who has the lower pain tolerance? (Aka: Who is the bigger baby when it comes to pain?)

Image Source:

Image Source:


39. Who gets injured more?


40. Who likes Disney the best?


41. Who is more likely to do the grocery shopping?


42. Who is more likely to buy stuff that is not on the grocery list to begin with?


43. Who planned the wedding?


44. Who planned the honeymoon?


45. Who watches more Netflix?


46. Who works out more?


47. Who is the bigger texter?


Image Source:

Image Source:

48. Who likes puzzles more?


49. Who will most likely make the bed?


50. Who is more likely to ask for help in a store when they can not find something?


51. Who is the morning person?


52. Who likes staying up late?


53. Who is always five minutes early to everything?


54. Who is always running late to everything?


55. Who will make the next big decision in your marriage?


56. Who spends more time on Instagram?


57. Who spends more time on their phone?


58. Who is more spontaneous?

Image Source:

Image Source:


59. Who farted out loud first?


60. Who do you love the mostest right now?

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