The Top Ten Baby Gates of 2018

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Baby gates can give you peace of mind and keep your little one safe all at the same time.  A barrier can give a parent a bit more freedom as you do household chores without having to keep a constant eye on the stairway or other places of danger.  I'm going to go over in detail all that you need to know about baby gates in today's article. For more information on each individual baby gate, click on the links below. 

Here Are The Best Baby Gates of 2018!

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Product Name



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Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate

baby gates

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

baby gates

Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Top Of Stairs Gate

baby gates

Safety 1st Easy Install Auto Close Walk Thru Gate

baby gates

Regalo Home Accents Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate

baby gates

Cardinal Gates Outdoor Safety Gate

baby gates

Regalo Extra WideSpan Walk Through Safety Gate

baby gates

North States Superyard 3 In 1 Arched Decor Metal

baby gates

Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate

baby gates

Supergate Ergo Pressure or Hardware Mount Plastic Gate

Types of Baby Gates

Hardware Mounted

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For hardware-mounted gates, you will need to have both sides of the gate securely screwed in to a door frame or walls. This type of gate is thought of to be the most secure because it is permanently mounted onto your house interior.  A hardware-mounted gate is good for installing in the most dangerous spots in your house such as stairways.  While the advantage to this type of gate is going to be that it is very secure, a disadvantage is that you will have to drill permanent holes into your house to install it.

Pressure Mounted

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A pressure-mounted gate uses tension to secure the gate in place.  If installed correctly, this type of gate can hold up to quite a bit of abuse and force.  The advantages to this type of gate is that it is easy to install, is easily moved, and doesn't require you to drill into your home.  A disadvantage is that it is not as strong and secure as a hardware-mounted gate.

Step Over Gates

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Step over gates are about knee-height, and are easy to set up.  Since they are short, parents can easily walk over it without tripping over it.  The disadvantage is that, because they are so short, they shouldn't be used for toddlers who can hop over the gate.

Walk Through Baby Gates

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A walk through baby gate is a baby gate with a door, which makes it easy for people to get through.  Walk through baby gates can be used almost anywhere, as long as it is secure.  They can be used on the top of stairs, but you will want it to be very secure.  A disadvantage is that you have to drill holes in your house in order to install a walk through baby gate.

Baby Gates for Stairs

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Hardware-mounted baby gates can also be used as baby gates for stairs.  A baby stair gate is installed at the top of the stairs.  The advantage is, as mentioned above, it is very secure. Since this will be a top of the stairs baby gate, it is important to have it be safe.  The only con is that you will have to drill holes in your house.

Extra Wide Baby Gates

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Extra wide baby gates are made for homes that have wide doorways or irregular spacing.  They are very safe and secure.  This kind may take a little bit more planning, but may end up being simple to install.  As always, you will have to find out the measurements of the doorway before purchasing.  Depending on how wide, some pressure gates might be wide enough.


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Baby gate play yards, also called baby corrals, are circular playpens that babies can play in.  This is nice for those times when parents need to get stuff done, but also want their child to play safely.  A con about baby corrals is that they are a bit heavy to carry.

Outdoor Gates

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There isn't much of a difference between outdoor baby gates and other baby gates.  The only difference is that people hang them on their fence or deck, instead of their walls.  Some people put them on their decks, right above their deck stairs.  That way the child can safely play on the deck, or play down below in the yard, without getting injured by the stairs.

Baby Gate with Pet Door

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A baby gate with a pet door is a baby gate that has a small opening at the bottom.  The opening is the perfect size for cats to walk through.  These baby gates are nice for people who want to block their children from dangerous places, and also give their cat freedom.  People also use this kind of baby gate to enclose bigger dogs.  The dogs stay enclosed, but the cats have free range. As with all products, there are some disadvantages.  The main disadvantages are that the main hole is big enough for some children to crawl through, and that some pets (that you want to keep enclosed) might squeeze through the bars.

Tips For Measuring A Baby Gate

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Before you install a baby gate, you will want to have the correct measurements.  Therefore, you will need to measure the width of where the baby gate will go.  If it is a staircase, then measure both the top and the bottom of the stairs.  If it is a doorway, measure between the walls, as well as the skirting boards.  The more you measure, the more likely you are to get a perfect fit.

Once you have measured where the baby gate will go, you will want to measure the baby gate itself.  If you are buying the baby gate in person, then take a measuring tape with you.  Make sure to write the measurements down on a piece of paper so that you don't forget what they are.  If you are buying the baby gate online, then read the measurements that the description gives.  If you can't find the dimensions, then you will want to contact the seller.  It is better to get the right one, instead of ending up with one too short or too wide.

What To Do Before Shopping For A Baby Gate

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Before you shop for a baby gate, think about where it will be going.  Is it getting mounted in a doorway?  Is it for your stairs?  Think about how your house is designed, and which room will work best.

The next thing for you to consider is who will be using the baby gate.  Is it someone with arthritis?  If so, then you will want a gate that easily unlatches.  Or is the person going to be carrying groceries through the doorway?  If this is something that you or a family member will be doing, then consider getting one that easily opens and is easy to reach.

Next, think about what kind you want.  Are you looking for a hardware-mounted baby gate?  If you have decided that you are putting the baby gate on top of the stairs, this one is the kind that you want.  If you are going to be moving the baby gate a lot, then you will want a pressure-mounted baby gate.  Consider which type will work best for you, and once you have you can move on to the next step.

The next step for you to do is measure where the baby gate will be going.  Write down the measurements so that you don't forget them.  Once you have your measurements, start shopping for your baby gate.

Safety Tips For Baby Gates

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Make Sure That Your Baby Gate Is Safe For Stairs

If you need a baby gate for your stairs, then make sure to get the right one.  Pressure-mounted gates are not as safe for stairs as hardware-mounted gates are.  If you want to be extra safe, you might want to put a baby gate at both the bottom and the top of the stairs.

Check The Condition Of The Gates Monthly

Once a month, check the baby gate to make sure that the screws are in tight.  If not, then tighten the screws or replace them with new ones.  If you have a pressure-mounted baby gate, then make sure that it is secure, and won't fall on the baby.  Check for any damages or safety concerns.

Don't Walk Over The Gate In Front Of Your Child

Children like to copy what their parents do.  Because of this, watch that you don't walk over the gate right in front of your child.  You might want to get a baby gate with a door.  That way, your baby can watch you walk out, but won't be able to do it himself.

Look For JPMA Certified Gates

Gates that are JPMA certified should have a sticker on them saying that they are, or if buying online it should be mentioned in the description.

What To Do If You Have Irregular Spacing In Your Home

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All houses are different and unique in their own special way.  Some have irregular spacing, and it therefore is hard to have regular baby gates.  Fortunately, there are many baby gates made for houses that have irregular stairs and openings.  If you can't find one that meets your needs, then there are many DIY baby gates. 

Using Baby Gates With Pets Or Small Children

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Many people like to use baby gates for both pets and small children.  The challenge is deciding who gets to go in and who gets to go out of the gates.  If you are blocking a child off from an area, keep in mind that your pets will also be blocked out.  This could be challenging and cause you more stress, if your dog can no longer get to the outside door to go out to use the bathroom.

When Should I Get A Baby Gate?

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Babies will start to crawl between 6 and 10 months.  All children are different, and some might skip crawling altogether.  Whenever your baby starts to move around, whether it's crawling or walking, you should set up a baby gate.  Most parents buy baby gates when their child is 6 months old.

How Long Should You Leave The Baby Gate Up?

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Baby gates are intended to be used for children 6 months old to 2 years old.  Once your child reaches 2 years of age, it may be time to remove the baby gate.  Before you remove it, show your child how to safely walk up and down the stairs.  Once you remove the baby gate, you may want to keep it for other purposes.  Baby gates can also be used for pets or small children who visit, so once you remove the baby gate you may want to save it.

Tips For Installing A Baby Gate

Pressure-mounted gates are easy to install, as all you have to do is expand it between the two walls.  Hardware-mounted gates, on the other hand, will need screwed into your walls. Whichever one you choose to do, there are some things you will need to know when installing. Below is a list of a few tips and things not to do when installing your baby gate.

Install Hardwood Mounted Gates Into The Wall Stud

To make sure that you reach the wall stud, you will need long screws.  Sometimes the screws that come with the baby gates aren't long enough, so you may need to purchase your own screws.

Don't Install Gates Too High

The gate should be installed flush with the floor.  You don't want little fingers and toes to get caught under a gate.

Other Minor Baby Proofing Tips

  • Put outlet covers over unused outlets
  • Hide electrical cords behind furniture
  • Keep logs, matches, and other fireplace tools out of reach

Recommended Best-Sellers

SaleBestseller No. 1
Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, White, Fits Spaces between 29" to 39" Wide
  • EXTRA WIDE: Expands to stairways and openings between 29-39 inches wide. Stands 30 inches tall
  • EASY TO USE: Pressure mount design that is quick to set up. No tools required and is gentle on walls
  • ADJUSTABLE: Includes a 6-inch wide extension kit. Perfect for doorway, hallway and bottom of stair use. Gate can quickly be removed out of the opening for easy storage.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Regalo Easy Open 50 Inch Wide Baby Gate, Pressure Mount with 2 Included Extension Kits
  • Expands to fit openings, doorways and hallways 29-50 inches wide (gate must be fully assembled within opening); stands 30 inches tall.
  • Includes two extensions kits 6-inch wide and 12-inch wide
  • Pressure mounted, convenient walk through design
SaleBestseller No. 3
Evenflo Position and Lock Tall Pressure Mount Wood Gate
  • This classic pressure-mounted gate is easy to install, and provides protection for your loved ones without damaging your walls
  • Plastic mesh baby gate expands to provide a secure fit for baby falling down
  • The gate expands from 31- 50 inches
SaleBestseller No. 4
Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Gate and Play Yard, 4-In-1
  • SUPERWIDE: Fits opens up to 192 inches wide and 28 tall. Quality high end design with easy close option
  • CONFIGURABLE: 2-in-1 design both Gate and Play Yard
  • ADJUSTABLE: Wall mounted design perfect for hallway, doorway, open spaces, and bottom of stairs. Gate folds flat for easy storage
SaleBestseller No. 5
Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, Bronze
  • Kindly refer User manual for installation issues
  • Pressure mounted installation for use between rooms with optional hardware mounts included for installation on stairways
  • 36" tall gate fits openings 28-48" wide


I hope that this article helped you to think about what type of baby gate you might want to install.  Make sure to think about which type will work for your particular situation. Remember that hardware-mounted gates will be the most secure kind of gate while pressure-mounted gates will not be as secure. I wish you the best of luck in finding the right baby gates for your family!


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