The Top Ten Changing Tables Of 2018

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A changing table is an essential for any family with a newborn or toddler. However, finding the right one to fit your family's needs can be difficult. Today we are going through our favorite changing tables of the year. Click on each individual review below for an in-depth look at each individual changing table. I hope that this article can help you glide through the shopping process. 

Here Are The Best Changing Tables of 2018!

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changing tables

Dream On Me Emily Changing Table

changing tables

Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

changing tables

Graco Lauren Changing Table

changing tables

Costzon Baby Changing Table Infant Diaper Nursery Station w/6 Basket Storage Drawers

changing tables

Athena Leila 2 Drawer Changer

changing tables

DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table

changing tables

Babyletto Hudson 3-Drawer Changer Dresser with Removable Changing Tray

changing tables

Stokke Care Changing Table

changing tables

Badger Basket Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table with Hamper/Basket

changing tables

Badger Basket Sleigh Style Changing Table with Six Baskets

Types of Changing Tables

Traditional Changing Table

changing tables

The traditional changing table is the most popular style of changing table.  It also comes in two different types.  There is the traditional changing table, which has open storage space, instead of drawers.  The other type is the baby changer dresser, which has drawers and has a removable changing table attachment on top.  A nice thing is that the top can be removed, so that this can become a regular dresser once your baby gets older.  The baby changer dresser is becoming very popular, but both types work well.

Folding Changing Table

changing tables

The fold down changing table is a good choice if you are on a tight budget, because they are cheap.  Unfortunately, these tables cannot be used for storage purposes.  This will work for those who travel, or if you want to easily move the table from room to room.  This type works best as a portable changing table, since it is made of plastic.  Plastic is not as safe and sturdy as wood is, and therefore should not be used on a daily basis.

Wall-Mounted Changing Tables

changing tables

The wall-mounted changing table is a changing table that is mounted on the wall.  This is a nice option for those who don't have much room.  Keep in mind, however, that this type is only a tray.  There is no place for storage.  Some people also think that wall-mounted changing tables are not the safest.  Although the tray should be securely on the wall, some feel that their baby may fall.

Baby Cribs with Changing Tables

changing tables

Some baby cribs have a baby changing table attached to them.  This type may cost more.  The nice thing about it is that you get your crib and changing table all at once.

Corner Changing Tables

changing tables

Corner changing tables are changing tables that fit in a corner.  This type works well as a changing station because it has shelves and drawers for keeping supplies.

Daycare Changing Tables

changing tables

This type is a changing table for toddlers, which has steps or stairs that the child can walk up on. A daycare changing table can also be used at home, but is mostly used at daycares and preschools. 

Features of Changing Tables

changing tables

You will see a wide variety of features in a changing table such as different styles of shelving, holders for items, and compartments. Also, some changing tables are a combination of a dresser and changing table. 

Do You Need A Changing Table? And, If So, When? 

changing tables

You can use the changing table for newborns all the way to 2 year olds, or to 30 pounds.  Each changing table is different, so make sure to check the weight limit recommended by the manufacturer.  There are also some changing tables for toddlers, that have small stairs for the child to walk up.

You do not need a changing table.  But they can make life a lot easier.  If you have a changing table with drawers, or at least with a shelf, then you can use it for storing the diaper supplies.

What To Keep Stocked In Your Changing Table

changing tables

Once you have your changing table, you will need to have your diaper changing supplies.  Below is a list of things to have stocked in your changing table.

  • Diapers  This is probably obvious, but it is important that you don't run out of diapers.  If you are storing your diapers in the drawers or shelves of the changing table, then make sure that it is always full of plenty of diapers.  It is also a good idea to keep some backup diapers, just in case you forget to buy some.
  • Wipes  Make sure to keep some wipes available at all times.
  • Creams  Always have some creams available in case a rash appears on your baby.
  • Hair Ties  Keep some hair ties in your changing table so that you can quickly tie up your hair for sanitary purposes.
  • Hand sanitizer  This is so that you can quickly and easily wash your hands after you change your baby's diaper.  It is also a good idea to wash your baby's hands.
  • Toys  It is a good idea to keep some toys in your changing table so that you can easily give your baby the toy.  Keep a couple of toys in the changing table, just in case your baby wants a different toy.
  • Changing Table Pad  This isn't exactly something to stock up on, but rather something to have at least one of.  You also may want to keep an extra one just in case something happens to the one you are using or if you want to take it with you on an outing.

How Much Space Do You Need For A Changing Table?

changing tables

Before you buy a changing table, think about how much room you have in your house.  Also think about where the changing table will be.  Will it be in your baby's room?  If so, decide where it will go.  Make sure you do not put it in a place that will interfere with work.

A good changing table for those who don't want to take up too much space is the baby changer dresser. This type can be used as a nursery furniture, so that is one less thing you will need to buy. Another option for those with limited space would be the wall-mounted changing table. Since it is mounted on the wall, it will not take up any floor space.

What To Consider Before Purchasing A Changing Table

You will want to consider some things before you buy a changing table.  All changing tables are different, so make sure that you get the right one that fits your needs.  Below are a few things to consider.

The Height

Not all changing tables come in the same height.  If you are a shorter or taller person, then consider which height is best for you.  Since you will be spending a lot of time at the changing table, it is important to get the right one that is comfortable for you.


Consider the amount of storage that you will want. Also think about if you want to store things in plain sight or in drawers.  When considering the amount of storage you will want, you will also be able to decide which type of changing table you want.  The wall-mounted and the foldable changing tables will not have a place for storage.  A baby dresser and changing table is good for parents who want things hidden and put away.

The last option for you is the traditional changing table, which does not have drawers.  Take some time to consider these matters and talk about what will fit your needs.

Materials Changing Tables Can Be Made From


changing tables

The highest quality changing tables are most often made of softwoods such as pine.  Different finishes on the wood can give it a hardwood look even though it is a softwood.  Particle board that is painted is another type of wood used in changing table materials. However, a particle board won't hold up as long as solid pieces of wood.

Hard Plastic

changing tables

Some changing tables are made of plastic.  They are usually cheaper to buy than wood changing tables.  Plastics are easy to wash and usually are lightweight.


Safety Features and Tips

Side Rails

changing tables

Changing tables should have side rails so that your baby doesn't fall off.  Though you will still need to supervise at all times and not walk away, side rails help for babies to not roll off while you are there.

Buckle Safety Strap

changing tables

Some changing tables have straps similar to a seatbelt for keeping your baby secure. Never leave your baby unattended on a diaper changer.  The strap is there to help prevent accidental falls while you are there.

Sturdy Legs

changing tables

Make sure that you buy a changing table that is sturdy and can't tip over.  You shouldn't buy a table that shakes or rattles even the slightest bit.

How Many Tables Do You Really Need? 

changing tables

A cheaper changing table should last through one child.  But if you are going to be using it for lots of children, then you will want to buy a higher quality changing table.  The number of changing tables that you will need depends on the quality and how many children you have.  Another thing to consider is how many rooms you have.  If you have a lot of rooms, then it would be a good idea to have a couple of changing tables.

How To Use Your Changing Table Most Efficiently 

changing tables

It's going to be wise of you to put the items most used, within hands reach on a changing table.  Items that you will want close are diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and a toy or two that your baby may want to hold onto while you do the diaper change.  On the bottom and middle shelves you can stock up on surplus items such extra diapers, wipes, and spare onesies.

Recommended Best-Sellers

SaleBestseller No. 1
Corner Guards (12 pack) Update 2018 REAL STRONG ADHESIVE Protect Children From Injury | Corner Covers Baby Safety | Table & Furniture Corner Protectors Clear | Child Proof Corner Bumpers
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SaleBestseller No. 2
Dream On Me Emily Changing Table, White
  • 1 inch changing pad
  • 5 1/2"" safety rail
  • 2 shelves below
SaleBestseller No. 3
Delta Children Changing Kit, White
  • Easy Assembly
  • Fits on any sturdy dresser top 35.5" x 17.25" or bigger
  • Changing pad is sold separately
Bestseller No. 4
Dream On Me Emily Changing Table, Espresso
  • 1 inch changing pad.
  • 5 ½ inch safety rail that surrounds your baby with security so they don't roll off the table. Dimensions 36.5L x 20W x 39H inches
  • 2 shelves below; Weight:19.5lbs
Bestseller No. 5
Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table, Black Cherry
  • Includes water-resistant changing pad with safety strap; features two fixed shelves for open storage
  • Safety rails enclose all four sides around the top of the table; tested for lead and other toxic elements to meet or exceed government and ASTM safety standards. Wood construction
  • Made of solid wood and wood composites; meets all safety and anti-tipping standards.: 35.25W x 21.50D x 36.7 H inches.Shipping dimensions (in inches): 40.25 (width) by 5.50 (height) by 25.25 (depth); Shipping Weight (in pounds): 33.29


Buying a changing table is not hard, but it is time consuming. We hope that this article helps to save you and your family some time by discovering the features that are most important to you. Best of luck as you search for a changing table to meet all your needs!


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