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The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Mom-To-Be

If you have a pregnant friend or relative in your life and are wondering what to get her, look no further! We've put together a list of gift ideas just for her. We've included a wide range of price ranges for these gifts, from small to large. Gifts can help to ease the anxiety and fear that pregnancy can often bring. I hope that you find an item or two on this list that will bring a smile to the pregnant women in your life. 

1. LUX Nature Baby Bottle

If you are sure that your pregnant friend will be bottle feeding, then check out this bottle. It has a squeezable, breast-like design that was made to support a baby's natural mouth position when sucking.  The LUX baby bottle features a unique venting system that was designed to prevent babies from swallowing too much air.  Air can lead to colic and gas. And we all know that a fussy baby also means a tired mom.  A lot of mom's who use this bottle with their baby, are breast pumping moms.  This bottle was made as a solution for mother's who want to breastfeed and also offer a bottle to their child. Check out the rest of our baby bottle products, here

[amazon box="B06ZYLHTD2"]

2. Delta Children Canton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Think about if the expecting mothers in your life have any idea where their baby will be sleeping.  Keep in mind that some moms now days are doing co-sleeping.  Even if that is the plan though, an expectant mother might still like a place to lay her baby down during the daytime while her baby naps.  The Delta Children Canton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib is a deluxe version of a baby crib.  It is made of sturdy wood that includes 4 straight legs and a toddler guardrail for added safety and support.  This convertible crib will change into a daybed, toddler bed, and then full-sized bed.  This really is the gift that keeps on giving as the baby grows.  Choose from multiple finishes.  The crib design is made to fit a wide range of baby room decors.

[amazon box="B00N18R9W0"]

3. Britax Marathon G4.1 Convertible Car Seat

If your expectant mom hasn't bought a car seat yet, then this is really a practical gift that she will need.  The Britax Marathon g4.1 Convertible Car Seat is an excellent choice for transporting any baby.  Safe cell impact protection surrounds the child with safety components that work together to protect.  Not only have all of the required federal standards been met, but they have been surpassed in the finished car seat product here. Because car seats work best when they have the proper fit, the Britax Marathon G4.1 Convertible Car Seat includes a quick-adjust, 10 position harness and 2-position buckle to keep up with the growing child.

[amazon box="B01N7RXRTY"]

4. MAM Trends 3-Piece Orthodontic Pacifier

Pacifier use is a hot topic.  So if you are pretty sure that your expectant mom friend or relative is ok with pacifiers, then check this one out.  The MAM Trends 3-Piece Orthodontic Pacifier creation was the result of a unique teamwork made up of pediatricians, dentists, and orthodontists.  It was designed to keep your baby calm and also promote proper oral development.  This pacifier has a SkinSoft nipple that was designed for babies to like and accept.  The shield allows for maximum airflow for proper breathing while in use.  The pacifier clip helps to keep the pacifier clean.

[amazon box="B06W2LRDYK"]

5. Wewdigi Baby Monitor Wireless Video With Digital Camera

What cooler gift could you give a pregnant mom than a baby video monitor?  She could have the option of watching her baby at all times with the Wewdigi Baby Moitor Wireless Video With Digital Camera.    This monitor includes two-way audio talk with real-time monitoring of a baby.  A remote lullaby control function makes it easy for the mom to select a beautiful lullaby that will put him or her to sleep.  Included is a 2.4-inch LCD display.  There is no need to connect a phone or other device.  A plug and play with 2 power adapters of long cable, operate everything on the parent unit.  This nifty monitor even has temperature monitoring so the mom will know the baby's room temperature all day long.  Infrared night vision means that the baby can even be seen in the dark.

[amazon box="B073ZDVQ7X"]

6. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo 

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is one of the most popular baby bouncers on the market today and for good reason.  There are many sights and activities to play with on this colorful jumper.  From music, lights, and exciting sounds that reward the baby with every jump; most babies will love this.  Everywhere the baby looks there is something to look at.  This bouncer folds for easy storage and for portability.  The seat spins 360 degrees so that the baby can look at and play with the toys all around.  The frame is free standing and sturdy, so the baby will be able to jump safely.  This jumper adjusts to three different heights as the baby grows.  The soft springs cover will keep the baby's fingers safe.  The soft and comfy seat pad is machine washable and dryer safe.

[amazon box="B000LXQVA4"]

7. Pamper Swaddlers Sensitive Newborn Diapers, Size 0, 80 Count

Unless the expectant mom is using cloth diapers, how could you go wrong with some diapers as a gift.  It will not only give her a jump start on what is going to be an ongoing product that she will need to buy, it also will help her pocket book.  The Pamper Swaddlers are made for sensitive skins  They are a gentle and also a hypoallergenic solution.  They are made to feel like a soft blanket.  The diapers have a wetness indicator that lets the mom know when the baby needs a change.  No detail was spared in the design of the Pamper Swaddler Sensitive Newborn Diapers.  The manufacturer even designed a contoured umbilical cord notch for your baby's delicate belly.  The sensitive diapers are available in sizes Newborn through size 4.

[amazon box="B00DGN2362"]

8. Raw Prime & Pure Cocoa Butter 100% Fresh (1lb)

I don't know about you, but I love the smell and feel of pure cocoa butter.  What a nice gift this would make for the mom-to-be.  She could use it on her own skin that is rapidly expanding as her baby grows, and also use it on her baby.  This raw prime and pure cocoa butter has a fantastic smell.  This selection is high quality.  The form is not a block form, but rather chunks.  It will melt at low temperatures for use in all kinds of formulations. This would be a great gift for the crafty expectant mom.

[amazon box="B008KPO2MY"]

9. PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow- Baby Nursing Cushion and Maternity Pillow 

If someone would have gifted me a PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow when I was pregnant they would have become my best friend forever.  I don't see how you could possibly go wrong by giving this pregnancy pillow to an expectant mother.  This C-shaped pillow supports the back, hips, knees, neck, and head.  This specially designed pregnancy pillow eliminates the need for multiple pillows.  The super cool thing about this pillow, is that it's a perfect nursing or feeding pillow that can be used after the baby is born.  The cover has a zipper and is easily removable for ease of cleaning.  It can be machine washed.  This pillow is hypoallergenic and also contains no phthalates, latex, lead, or BPA.

[amazon box="B0153X1M14"]

10. Womb Music Heartbeat Monitor By Wusic-Listening To The Sound Of Your Baby

As a mother waits for the birth of her baby, thoughts can be of what he or she looks like, smells like, sounds like, etc.  It can seem like an eternity waiting to meet your baby face to face.  While the expectant mom waits for that moment, what better gift could there be than to let her listen to her baby's kicks, movements, and heart beat any time she wants to.  With The Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor, she can do just that.  This monitor is non-invasive and even allows the mom  to record the heartbeat and share on social media if she wants to.  How cool is that?  The Womb Music Monitor includes two sets of earbuds and a computer recording cable.  The volume is adjustable.  This monitor is run by a 9 volt alkaline battery that is included with your purchase.

[amazon box="B00Z52R76S"]

11. VonHaus Triple Picture Frame For Keepsake Ultrasound Sonogram Pregnancy Scan Images and Baby Photos 

This triple photo frame displays up to 3 pictures for each stage of a woman's pregnancy. The final photo is for after the baby is born.  This frame is double hinged for optimum steady positioning on any surface.  The VonHaus Triple Picture Frame would make a great gift for any expectant mother.  It even comes packaged in a gift box.  It's designed to fit scan sized photos of sonograms and the newborn baby.

[amazon box="B00I805AIG"]

12. Mustela Stretch Marks Prevention Oil, 3.54 fl Oz

Most women dread stretch marks.  If there was a possible prevention to it, why not give it a try.  That's exactly what the Mustela Stretch Marks Prevention Oil was formulated to do, and that is to reduce or eliminate stretch marks altogether.   This oil is a non-greasy, fast absorbing oil.  It is formulated with 99 percent ingredients of natural origin.  The Mustela Stretch Marks Prevention Oil is light with a floral fragrance with rose, bergamot, and plum. The ingredients are natural and free of parabens, phthalates, and phenoxyethanol.  This oil is hypoallergenic and specially formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.  It was tested under gynecological, dermatological, and pediatric control.

[amazon box="B0185ZIV20"]

13. A Pregnant Couple Personalized Christmas Ornament- Calliope Design- Soon To Be Family Of Three

This adorable Christmas ornament would make a great gift for any expectant mom who is about to have her first baby.  This ornament is individually hand crafted of polymer clay. When ordering, simply click on the "Customize Now" button to add the names of the mother and father-to-be.  You can also include the year that the baby is to be born in.  It will be personalized by an artist in permanent black ink.  This ornament will make a great keepsake gift for any pregnant woman.

[amazon box="B001J556TU"]

14. Liu & Qu Women's Maternity Ruched Tunic Tops Mama Clothes Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Pregnancy T-Shirt

For the expectant mom who is not afraid to show off that baby bump, these tops are adorable and also flattering.  You might be wondering how a pregnancy shirt can be flattering, but check these out.  They are sewn in and taken out in all the right places. They are made to fit for bust sizes (Small) 33-35 inches, (Medium) 35-37 inches, (Large) 38-40 inches, (XL) 40-42 inches, (XXL) 43-45 inches, (XL) 45-47 inches, and (4 XL) 47-49 inches. The Liu & Qu Women's Maternity Ruched Tunic tops are designed to be simple and comfortable while featuring the signature ruching for a flattering silhouette.

[amazon box="B01NH9JYEK"]

15. Bump Boxes 1st Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box

The Bump Boxes 1st Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box is designed to have what the 1st trimester mom would like.  Included is a water bottle that is BPA Free.  The bottle is designed with a flip straw top to avoid spills.  A No Mo Nausea Band is included that uses acupuncture and aromatherapy to help cut down on morning sickness and nausea.  A Glow 9 Organics Energize Bath Bomb has a refreshing mix of lemon, white grapefruit, and orange organic essential oils.  The Pearhead Mommy Belly Stickers are sure to be a hit.

These cute belly stickers are decorated with fruits and vegetables to showcase how big the baby is growing.  Included also is the popular Preggie Pop Drops.  They are flavored with essential oils and designed to help morning sickness.  And last but not least, included in the Bump Box is a Sparkling Mama Fizzelixir made from lemon and ginger extracts, magnesium, and B6 to help soothe nausea.

[amazon box="B06XBW6YGZ"]

16. Mommee Coffee-Half Caff, Low Acid Coffee

For the mom who just can't quite stop drinking coffee while pregnant, the Mommee Coffee offers an alternative to full strength coffee.  This coffee gives just a small boost of caffeine instead of full strength.  It's designed for moms of all stages  of motherhood from trying to conceive, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond.  This coffee is low acid and easier on sensitive pregnant tummies.  It is organic and water processed without harmful chemicals that are used in the growing process.  This product is Fair Trade Certified.

[amazon box="B01G4F1KP8"]

17. Maternity Belt

Pregnancy can be painful, especially if you have lower back pain.  This belt was made to help ease the pain and discomfort of pregnancy.   The expectant mother can simply wrap it around her belly and waist to lessen the burden of excess pregnancy weight.  It provides a gentle compression in the belly area.  This maternity belt can help relieve hip, pelvic, and sacroiliac pain while further minimizing spinal strain.  It also can aid in correct posture and support weak abdominal muscles.  This belt is designed to be worn during the day.  One size fits all, up to 48 inches.

[amazon box="B0113WE0QS"]

18. The Pregnancy Food Book 

The Pregnancy Food Book was created to help pregnant mothers be careful of what they eat and drink.  The book was made to help mothers through the full pregnancy. Meals and recipes are included to help ensure that the baby's growth and also the mother's own welfare are not compromised during this delicate time.

[amazon box="B075G42S9D"]

19. Pregnancy Water Bottle 

Staying hydrated is always important.  But, it's even more important for pregnant women. Both the mother and baby will benefit from the mother taking the necessary steps to say hydrated.  This pregnancy water bottle was designed so that pregnant mothers can easily track their water intake.  The cool thing about this bottle is that a woman can keep using it after the delivery of her baby.  It's perfect for breastfeeding mothers to help them to stay hydrated while they lactate.

[amazon box="B073WZQX5Y"]


I hope that this gift guide for the expectant mom gave you some ideas for the pregnant lady friend or relative in your life.  Pregnancy can be such a journey, and often times, a rough journey.  A gift can help to encourage a mom to be. I hope you enjoyed looking through these cool products.  There really is a gift for even the most hard to buy for mom, on this guide, ranging from low to high end priced items.

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