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The Ultimate Guide To A Thanksgiving Wedding!

Fall weddings can be magical in the sense of the atmosphere and the weather, but what about a wedding on Thanksgiving? What are the pros and what are the cons and how do we achieve a wonderful Thanksgiving wedding?

What is it?

We all know what Thanksgiving is.. But for those of you that aren’t completely sure what it is, it is a day of thanks, usually on the fourth Thursday of November. The Thanksgiving tradition was first started in 1621 when the first harvest was eaten by the Pilgrims. What a better way to share your love than on a day of thanks!

When is Thanksgiving this year? Thursday, November 24. Next year, Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 23, 2017.

Invitation il_570xn-1075433743_3vvw

Make sure you invitations specify that this is on a HOLIDAY if you choose to actually go with Thanksgiving day. Many times when we get invitations we just see the date and mark it in our phones not even thinking about what the actual date is. Letting them be aware  as soon as possible also gives them the time to think and plan. Let your invitations represent the holiday.



Your colors can be fun and light, reflecting the fall colors or dark and rich contrasting the traditional fall colors. Your color scheme may have a bit of both in there, who knows. But don’t be afraid to have those rich colors mixed in with pops of color here or there.


Image source:

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Use your fall decor to its fullest potential. Pumpkins and vines, leaves and corn stalks will do just fine. Keep your decor strong but simple and solid throughout your ceremony and reception.


Your guests may not have all the time in the world to spend the day with you, but just be aware that your guests may not be able to attend.

This may be an affair for just you and your close friends and family. The perks of this also gives you the opportunity to have a small intimate affair.


Plan your attire accordingly. If your location is usually warm on thanksgiving, don’t wear something that will make you sweat it off. If it is usually chilly where you are, be sure to have the perfect amount layers.

Traditionally in a fall wedding you will see the bridesmaids in darker solid colors complementing the bride in her white lacy dress. The groom is usually clad in a suit, light gray in color. This gives the bridal party just enough contrast with the background. You have a spectrum of color from light to dark.


When thinking of flowers for your big day you think big and bold. Now think that way with a fall twinge. A beautiful bouquet bustling full of color and life.


Have you thought about what to give as a favor? Anything you give, your guests will be thankful for, but what about fun and useful items! Like s’mores or mini-pumpkins that double as place settings. Not only can they use the pumpkins for decor for a bit, every time they see one, they will think of you. And who doesn’t like s’mores??

The Reception


Instead of sitting separately at round tables, try sitting at long tables, family style. Make it seem like a big, Thanksgiving family feast! This may take away from the dance floor a bit as long tables don’t bend, but it’s all about the placement. This may take away from the dancing, but this will surely add to your conversation with those around you!

The Main Meal

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An all out Turkey dinner with stuffing and mashed potatoes. The whole nine yards! Whatever you wish to serve at your wedding, just know that your meal will have to be worthy of a feast!


Pie! How cool would this be to have pie for your dessert. This would really give it the all around thanksgiving theme feel! You can still have your cake (and eat it too) if you so choose!

One Good Thing

Your price may be super low due to it being on a Thursday, but be aware that it may be booked up due to it being a big holiday. So if you are sure you want to have a Thanksgiving wedding in 2018 (Thursday, November, 23), you may want to get busy with booking everything!

One Bad Thing

Holidays can overwhelming and busy. Many times your guests may have prior engagements. Be cautious when planning for your big day that your guest list may be super diminished due to the travel of the holiday.


A fall wedding is gorgeous, but a Thanksgiving wedding could be even prettier. Plan your evening right and you’ll have the time of your life celebrating not only your union but a wonderful holiday of thanks! Be thankful for the  time you get with your family and for each other. A thanksgiving wedding is a site to see. Line your aisle with some pretty fall leaves and start your journey of love.  Happy planning!

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